Save Rock & Roll VS American Beauty/American Psycho


American Beauty/American Psycho has been all the music I’ve listened to for the past month. I was super excited when it was released because new Fall Out Boy music is always good and also Dan and Phil introduced a track during their radio show three weeks ago. And I liked it. Which is why I wanted to write up a sort-of review for it.

And by sort-of review I mean more of a comparison between AB/AP and Save Rock & Roll (2013) emphasising more on my personal preferences towards the albums rather than a genuine descriptive album review because I don’t think I’m qualified or equipped with enough musical knowledge to make actual comments about it.

Track 1: The Phoenix VS Irresistible
In terms of being the first track of an album, I feel like The Phoenix provides a relatively more “majestic” grandeur of an opening track, especially to fit the whole Youngblood Chronicles vibe they had surrounding SR&R. Plus, it’s a really appropriate track to announce their “rise from the ashes of their hiatus” (get it? phoenix? ashes? ha h  a) and it’s very adrenaline-inducing, like the kind of song you listen to before shouting “FIGHT ME!!!!!1″ at everyone in the streets. In Irresistible, the opening music of violins in The Phoenix is replaced with trumpets (correct me if I’m wrong) so that’s a new twist but I reckon The Phoenix wins for the more superior opening track title (although if we are to judge these two songs based on their music videos Irresistible would win without a doubt and if you don’t believe me please watch this).

Track 2: My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark VS American Beauty/American Psycho
The first time I listened to AB/AP, I was, and this is the only appropriate phrase I can come up with to describe it accurately, taken aback. The chorus, especially, sounds peculiar to me, particularly the part where Patrick’s voice instantaneously drops to a baritone. However, I tweeted this:

and that describes AB/AP accurately because the more I listen to it, the more I like it, eccentricities and all. But ultimately, I feel like Songs is considered “Fall-Out-Boy-classic”? Simply because it was their first single since hiatus and it was the song of 2013 and it was everywhere and the first song that people listened to when they found out about their return was this song and okay, maybe I’m a bit biased because of the existence of this video as well but I’ve always associated Songs with Phoenix and how they go so well together to suit the story of Youngblood Chronicles and even in terms of the second track of an album, Songs is great and will always be one of my favourite FOB songs.

Track 3: Alone Together VS Centuries
Alone Together is one of my favourites as well (let’s be real, the first three tracks of SR&R are just one great song after the other which is what makes SR&R one of my favourite albums [amidst other reasons but I’ll get to that later]) coupled with the catchy chorus lyric (let’s be alone together / we can stay young forever) which is every teenager/young adult’s poetic anthem, which is a pity that it’s pit against Centuries for the third track because I absolutely love Centuries as a different powerful, shout-it-out-from-the-top-of-the-roof kind of anthem. The sampling of Suzanne Vega’s Tom’s Diner fits into the song seamlessly, drawing two kinds of moods (of the sampling’s and the song’s itself) which surprisingly work well together. If I were to make an accurate comparison, I’d say Centuries in AB/AP is equivalent to Songs in SR&R.

Track 4: Where Did the Party Go VS The Kids Aren’t Alright
This isn’t really a tough one: hands down, the winner goes to The Kids Aren’t Alright. I haven’t particularly been a fan of Where Did the Party Go when SR&R was released, and Kids is (surprise, surprise) also one of my favourites off AB/AP. Perhaps it’s the similarities in their titles, but for some reason, this song reminds me of blink-182’s Stay Together For the Kids. Or rather, it induces the same sort of melancholy within myself whenever I listen to it (and in the end / I’d do it all again / I think you’re my best friend / don’t you know that the kids aren’t al-, kids aren’t alright?)

Track 5: Just One Yesterday (ft. Foxes) VS Uma Thurman
You literally cannot make me choose haha there is no way because these two songs are my favourites off their respective albums. Just One Yesterday is my favourite from SR&R not just because it’s a really good song, but also because it’s one of those songs that I associate with good times (to be honest, the entire SR&R is associated with the second half of 2013 but a few songs especially stand out, one of them being this one). It’s also one of the few FOB songs I can actually sing without screwing it up and Foxes is featured in it so really, I love this song a whole lot.

Before I say anything else, can I just input that the sampling of The Munsters’ theme song in Uma Thurman is one of the most brilliant things to ever happen in the music industry thank you Fall Out Boy God bless you I am so happy this is a thing that happened. Prior to D&P announcing this fact nugget, I thought it was an original part of the song but still. I’m glad this now exists for me to devour on an endless loop. The entire “retro” theme FOB has with the sampling and also the reference to Uma Thurman’s movie scenes in Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill makes this track stand out among the rest in the album and if you’re looking for an introductory song to Fall Out Boy’s discography, let this song be it.

Track 6: The Mighty Fall (ft. Big Sean) VS Jet Pack Blues
Big Sean’s rap verse in The Mighty Fall is one of my favourite things from SR&R, but even then, I didn’t really like the song as a whole. Jet Pack Blues is also one of those songs that I didn’t like initially until the fifth or sixth time listening to it. But it slowly grew on me thanks to -and I never in my life would’ve thought I’d say this but here we are- fic prompts, and there was a whole lot of that on Tumblr, for some reason (that reason perhaps being the heart-gripping lyics – she’s in a long black coat tonight / waiting for me in the downpour outside / she’s singing “Baby come home” in a melody of tears / while the rhythm of the rain keeps time).

Track 7: Miss Missing You VS Novocaine
I hate choosing between these two because I love them both but ultimately, Miss Missing You was my song of 2013 and it was one of the few songs that, even upon first listen, hits a spot (innuendo not intended but do with it what you will) because #relatableposts and also a really catchy melody. I’d read that Novocaine was initially meant to be in SR&R but it got cut many times for various reasons but I’m glad that they eventually decided to include it in AB/AP. My absolute favourite part of Novocaine is its chorus (this part especially – filled it up with Novocaine / and now I’m just numb); I feel like it’s a very cathartic song to scream out.

Track 8: Death Valley VS Fourth of July
This is one of the choices that’s even harder to make not because both are great, but because both of quite 50/50 in my books (eg. if it was Miss Missing You VS Fourth of July and Death Valley VS Novocaine then it would be an easy competition). Both Death Valley and Fourth of July are (presumably) about destructive relationships: Death Valley sporting more of an underworld-riots-and-chaos form of destruction (’cause tonight / is just fire alarms and losing you) while Fourth of July compared it to the quick ending of a firework (you and I were / you and I were / fire- fireworks / that went off too soon) but if I really had to choose, Fourth of July wins this one simply because despite its upbeat melody, it is actually sad as hell (honorary mention of the lyric – you are my favourite “what if” / you are my best “I’ll never know”).

Track 9: Young Volcanoes VS Favorite Record
IT ACTUALLY PHYSICALLY HURTS ME TO HAVE TO MAKE THIS DECISION so you know what? I’m going to go with another tie with this. Young Volcanoes will always be placed on a special pedestal in my heart because it’s the ultimate Sem 1 song and it’s tied to too many incredible and lovely memories and I don’t ever want to share that experience with other memories so I will always choose this song in any occasion (even though the number of times I’ve listened to that song on repeat [both of my own and others’ will] was enough to make me swear off that song forever).

Favorite Record on the other hand is another thing altogether. I also made a tweet about this:

in the sense that Favorite Record also hits a spot within me and it’s just very catchy and it’s been my favourite song for the past two weeks. You know some songs that, despite not having had the chance to associate it with any memories/experiences, but because of the lyrics and the catchy tune that you immediately take a liking to, you start to mentally associate it with nice things too? Favorite Record would be it.

Track 10: Rat A Tat (ft. Courtney Love) VS Immortals
A no-brainer. Immortals, for sure, for various (biased and non-biased) reasons: 1) this song is hella catchy 2) it is the theme song for Big Hero 6 3) Big Hero 6 is my current favourite movie for many more various reasons so basically it’s just a chain of my favourite things. It’s also the kind of song that makes me want to jump up and grab life by the horns and run 500 kilometers and climb 70 trees and build a new invention that can rid the world of diseases. In short, it’s the song that I need in my idle life right now, but not the one I deserve.

Track 10: Save Rock and Roll (ft. Elton John) VS Twin Skeleton’s (Hotel in NYC)
I feel like Elton John would personally judge me if I don’t pick his titular song, which is fine because even if he didn’t, I would’ve picked it anyway. SR&R is the perfect epilogue/ending/closure etc to the Youngblood Chronicles and the whole SR&R album in general. I don’t know if anyone feels the same, but there are some songs that are absolutely perfect and fitting for the last track on an album, and Save Rock and Roll is a great example of it. (Honorary mention would also be Running If You Call My Name by HAIM in Days Are Gone.) On the contrary, Twin Skeleton’s is arguably the only song off AB/AP that I can’t quite get myself to like yet.

I think the most distinctive difference between these two albums is that I like SR&R as a whole album (again, the concept of YBC while listening to this album is too grand a masterpiece) whereas for AB/AP, I like a selection of songs off it. In short, SR&R is the kind of album you have to listen all the way through for the entire experience because the album itself is incredible, but AB/AP has many stellar songs that you can listen to individually and would make great singles.

I’d really like to know what your favourites of SR&R and/or AB/AP and/or anything of FOB’s are and whether you agree/disagree/want to fight me etc leave a comment/tweet me/whatsapp me/turn up at my house idk etc I’d really like to know

Disclaimer: please don’t take my reviews musically-seriously as I am very much biased in all these decisions/reviews/choices but if there’s one thing you should take me seriously on, it’s that you should listen to Fall Out Boy (#spon) (lol jk)

Save Rock & Roll VS American Beauty/American Psycho

i’ll spin for you/like your favorite records used to

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♫ Favorite Record – Fall Out Boy

This morning, Rumin, Ah Low and I met up with CPY at Lor San for the last time before she flies off to Australia tomorrow morning.

CPY being the first of us to already head off overseas to study reminds me how time is actually passing when sometimes it feels like time is stagnant and at times, suffocating. So when CPY told us she was leaving that very same week, I was both shocked and excited for her at how quickly her university life was commencing. It was real!!! I mean, it wasn’t real for me yet, but I got the first derived taste of it by having a farewell gathering for CPY.

Narcissistic interjection to talk about myself: short FAQ about my university applications for people who care!!! I’m mostly likely going to University of Manchester as a law undergraduate yay wahoo etc

Have fun down under, CPY! I’ll miss you and I look forward to your adventures in Oz (keep us updated pls). Take care and see you soon on your summer break :-)

i’ll spin for you/like your favorite records used to

do the limbo

Song X comes on shuffle and if I turn the volume all the way up and close my eyes I can pretend that I’m back at Monash library absorbing past year questions religiously from late afternoon till midnight. At the end of each day, as I walked back to SMR from the library, I revelled in the fact that I’d survived another day alone in a public place without chickening out from anxiety, and each time I felt like I’ve gained XP points from this, so I emerged the next day stronger and better than before.

Back then, especially during A2 months, I sometimes got worried that I might one day just give up on studying because it was just too tiring and difficult to go on. I sometimes got tiny whiffs of that, like when the first two math papers ended and all I wanted to do was rest but the next chem paper was less than a week away and there was nothing else to do except keep going on. Then, the notion of even opening a page of chem past years was enough to make me puke, but I managed to displace that whiff and did what I had to do. (In retrospect, despite the exams, there were still so many things to look forward to, friends to meet, things to talk about. It rarely felt like a dead end at all.) Three months later, it wasn’t exams that allowed the sore loser to rear its ugly head, ironically, it was staying at home for extended periods of time with no aim and purpose. It led to feeling bouts of anxiety and annoyance and frustration at the thought of leaving the house to do anything. All I wanted was to stay at home and read and watch videos and immerse myself in fandoms (Phandom) to fictitiously “occupy” myself. Even then, lazing around doing nothing also made me frustrated because I wasn’t doing anything. The paradox!!! But anyway I probably already addressed this as best I could in this post, the paradox of not wanting to go out and do anything but also not wanting to just stay at home and do nothing. I imagine this is what it must be like to get stuck in Limbo in the Inception movie universe.

I’m trying to get back into the state of mind I possessed in 2013 and 2014, when I could do so much that I sweat to even think about doing today. It’s like…that thought of “if you feel this shit, you can’t get back up from it forever” cultivated in 2012 is back and it’s always so annoying but I mean, I obviously did get back up for the consecutive two years so that must mean something. My only silver lining these days is university and for a while that silver lining was rudely stomped on and shattered into five million pieces but it’s being mended and I keep telling myself “you just need to get into university and regain an immediate purpose in life then you’ll stop feeling so lost” and it’s the one thing that keeps me going on, keeps those now massive whiffs from knocking me off my feet (from imbalance) (not like, love lol)

do the limbo


being jolted awake from afternoon naps with heart pangs accompanied by randomly shuffled memories that aren’t really supposed to mean anything anymore but still do. it’s having a fist punch of emotions to the face when you’re in the backseat of a car eating rm1.60 chocolate ice cream bought from a 7eleven by the road to trick your body into producing dopamine an hour before midnight, the sad excuse for spontaneity reminding you of better times. it’s staring at the curtains of your room in half-lit darkness with the last song you heard (i’d do anything for love [but i won’t do that] by meat loaf thanks to 104.4 replaying in your head as the soundtrack to your own movie of memories. it’s forcing yourself to sob in the dark to dislodge the block in your throat so it can be replaced by a more manageable block in the nasal cavity by cry-snot so you can sleep unperturbed. it’s the sour feeling in your stomach, travelling all the way through the oesophagus to reach the mouth, leaving a blazing sour trail. it’s missing people, places, routines, the smell of petrol when pumping your friend’ car with fuel, the sound of medleys of laughters – the best sound in the world, a selection of music, god music, even the atrocities of waking up too early in the morning and sitting for papers, all very specific like photographs printed out with the date and time stamps on the back. it’s the INTENSITY!!!!! you yell into the void because the intensity of emotions is not matter and aside from all the bolding and italicizing and underlining, cannot be felt by anyone else but yourself. it’s despite knowing that it’s not true, choosing to believe anyway at this point of time in my life that the pinnacle of my life has passed and how can i move on from what cannot be reclaimed, when there is nothing to move on to?

it’s this pretentious piece of shit writing at 2am because nothing i write can take the rawness away, can take these sharp intakes of breath, none of it


Devil’s Workshop

001There’s this line in Foster the People’s “Waste” that goes “you know it’s funny how freedom / can make us feel contained” and it echoes my consistent mood of “freedom is limiting” that’s been going on for the past few weeks. When there’s no deadline for an assignment or a schedule to stick to, all sense of time vanishes and there is no immediate aim to fulfil. I mean, having time to relax and do absolutely nothing was an unattainable dream the entire time during A Levels, but now that I have it, it feels suffocating more than anything.

I used to fantasise about all the things I could do with ample free time, the stories/anecdotes I could write, the videos I could make, the books I could read, so much to the extent that despite the constant presence of heavy workloads during A Levels, I went ahead and did them anyway. There was reason to be motivated. The more I did what I was supposed to do, the more I felt assured to do what I wasn’t supposed to do and vice versa (also throw in a bit of rebellious reverse psychology in there).

But now that I literally foresee endless days of not doing anything, it frightens me. It’s like staring down an empty highway and it’s clear that the highway stretches on for miles and miles but you have no vehicular contraptions you can use to move forward faster; you can only walk. There’s nothing to look forward to, nothing to concentrate insane amounts of brain power and energy on. I mean, yeah, this leaves me plenty of room to read write and do whatever I want to do but it’s precisely because there is no foreseeable restrictions that makes the act of initiating something feel like lifting a ten tonne weight. It feels like 2012 post-SPM period all over again; having a very different and very crushing kind of despair wash over me whenever the “what am I doing with my life” dilemma rears its ugly head.

It’s very ironic, believe me, I am aware. Whilst I always groan about how stressful studying and applying for universities are, stressing out about something is better than not stressing out about anything. Anything solidly present and real, anyway. I use this saying so much but “an idle mind is a devil’s workshop” and it truly is. A workshop is stressful, but a devil’s workshop is just insanely illogical and frankly frustrating. It’s like scraping the bottom of an empty barrel; there’s literally nothing to scrape anymore but you still do it anyway because it’s habitual, like peeling a scab on your head even though there’s nothing there anymore. This is also attributed to my terrible inclination to latch onto the nearest worry and now that there’s nothing to latch onto, I latch onto the insignificance of existence and stumble into an existential crisis.



Devil’s Workshop


everytime i see the numbers ‘2015’ on the tv or in the papers it still feels more fictional than real. like it’s an anticipated future, and not actually, like, already upon us. but then again, the concept of days and months and years are just fictional benchmarks for time that are man-made. the only known fixed constant is that we’re all growing old and time is always running out.