Christmas ☃

I’m sorry it took so long for this 25th of December post but things were quite busy lately.

But I can say this was probably the best Christmas I’ve ever had.

As you know, Caitlin + her family, Aunty Wendy, Uncle Richard, Uncle Victor and Ian, came all the way from Singapore to Alor Setar to visit on the 20th and stayed at my house for a week to celebrate Christmas together too.

On that day, everyone from my mother’s side of the family dropped by at my house, Uncle Soon and Aunty Ling Fong (Chieny’s parents) from KL, Uncle Hong, Ah Loon and Ah Jie from Penang, & Uncle Guan, Aunty Ai Chin and Jessie. Uncle Lim and his family, and my parents’ old friend, Chin Hin (right spelling hopefully) dropped by too.

And the highlight of that night, apart from the family get-together, was the food.

The food, dear God. I almost never talk about food but I’m pretty sure I can make an exception for this Christmas night. We’ve been anticipating Uncle Richard’s “banquet” like he did on Christmas day 3 years ago, and we weren’t disappointed one bit. Uncle Richard is half-British, half-Chinese, so naturally he has been preparing the traditional dishes for Christmas day for years now, and this time he was bringing it on for us, figuratively speaking.

There was shepherd’s pie, gammon ham, meatloaf, cauliflower with cheese, mushroom pasta, mash potato, corn soup and the big finale: turkey. I was already full when I started on appetizers, which was corn soup, but you cannot seriously resist tasting each and every dish on the table because the mere sight of it would make you drool endlessly. So I topped my plate with a little of everything, and by the time I got to gammon ham, I was already so, so stuffed. But did I stop? Well, would you stop if there was still turkey?

Of course not, that was a rhetorical question.

By the time I tasted a “little” of everything, I was so stuffed I was convinced I was going to burst. I am not exaggerating when I say I have never, ever felt so full in my entire life. So I went to the living room and socialised for a while, trying not to get my stomach feeling too explosive.

And then the last course was dessert: fruit cake truffle. I couldn’t possibly eat anymore so I refused, but Kai Li insisted that it was amazing and I had to try so I tried a mouthful from dad’s bowl and o h m y g o d it was the best thing I have ever tasted and believe me when I say I couldn’t resist a bowl of it. I thought I couldn’t take in anymore but honestly, you wouldn’t have wasted a single bite of it. You wouldn’t and couldn’t. It was simply amazing. Even the skinniest and weight-conscious people couldn’t resist. I should know.

And then we started opening Christmas presents and this is a list of what I got for Christmas 2010:

  • Caitlin got me cat & Christian cross keychains.
  • Uncle Guan got me a sharpener.
  • Uncle Soon got me a rabbit soft toy.
  • Aunty Wendy got me an 18 karat goldfish necklace, a pig pillow/blanket and three bags.
  • Uncle Victor got me RM100 (also as a PMR result reward).
  • Soo Pei got me a box of Ferrero Rocher (however the hell you spell it).
  • Joshua got me a glass globe.
  • Xiao Ku got me Christmas deco, a journal, a book thong, a bracelet, a Paramore T-shirt (coming soon) & the Mortal Instruments series (coming soon too).
  • Mum got me a set of red/white bangles (supposedly Riot! colours, she said).
  • Dad got me I Am Number Four and Clockwork Angel.

It was a fantastic Christmas and amidst the mess and busyness, it was the perfect getaway.

Now tell me your tummy didn’t just grumble.

I look like a fool but everyone else looks so great here and this is the best group photo (except for my face, obviously).

Ah En & Chieny
Shu Juin & Kai Li

Ah Loon
Dad's friend & Dad

Kai Li's mum, Shu Juin & Kai Li
Uncle Guan & Caitlin

Hopefully it’s not too late (although it technically is, oh but whatever) to wish all of you a Merry Christmas!

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