Trip to the Farm

  It was bad enough that my best friend was a werewolf. Did he have to be a monster, too?

(—–> Photos might come later. Sorry. 😉 <—–)

On the first day of Chinese New Year, my si pek (fourth uncle) brought us to his farm at Pokok Sena.

We gathered at his house at 6. Then, we -my si pek, Soo May, Hoon Jie Jie, Sean Jie Jie, Kevin Ko Ko and his wife -Wati, my mum, my si em (fourth aunt), my ta ku (first aunt) and I- set off in two cars, si pek’s jeep and Kevin Ko Ko’s BMW.

The journey took up 20 minutes. We had to drive through a small kampung in order to reach si pek’s farm.

Si pek’s farm consists of dragonfruit, papaya, mango, cempedak and jackfruit trees. He began this orchard business last year. I think.

We only got beyond the dragonfruit and papaya trees, as twilight (ironic, huh?) was approaching.


That’s si pek in the white shirt, standing in front of his dragonfruit orchard.


Dragonfruit orchard.

Dragonfruit tree.


Hoon Jie Jie and a dragonfruit tree.


First stage of the dragonfruit.


Second stage.


Third stage: nearly riped.

After that, we proceeded to the papaya orchard, quite difficultly as the grass there was knee-length high and unkept.


“The Long and Winding Road” -David Archuleta. ^^


Papaya orchard.


A papaya tree.


The tree with the most papayas.

I was really surprised when I saw the papaya trees in si pek’s orchard. They were exploding with papayas! Si pek explained that an average papaya tree is supposed to be like that, its fruits are bore from the top till the bottom. That really sent me WOW-ing.

Besides, si pek also plans to plant his trees 100% organic. Kudos!


Si pek handing freshly plucked papayas.


Papaya plucked by si pek.


Owh, bitten by birds.


Me plucking a papaya! Yay!

After that, we headed to si pek’s mini house not far from the orchard.


Lovely house on the hill.



Exterior of the house.

Si pek plans to set up a homestay somewhere near his farm. I couldn’t help but agree that this would be a lucrative business as the surroundings there are calm and peaceful, far from urbanity.

All in all, it was a pretty great visit, and I gained a bountiful of experiences. I plan to come back to this haven someday, when I get the opportunity.

p/s. The papayas are sooooo sweet! Boo to pesticides and whatever chemicals injected into the fruits.



Generation Gap

I want to be a monster too.

Monsters are not a joke, Bella.


Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Keong Hee Huat Zhai!

Xin Nian Kuai Le!

Happy New Year!

The phrases above are codes to acquire angpaus. They work. Trust me. xD

So I got a whole lot of angpaus today from relatives of both my mum and dad’s sides. That didn’t really sent me leaping into the air in joy as I would every year. I guess you don’t really notice such things once you reach puberty.

Speaking about puberty, this Chinese New Year made me notice a huge gap between the two generations of our society: the adults and the teens. (There weren’t many children as my relatives.)

Actually, it was my cousin, Kevin, that pointed it out during dinner that night. All the Teohs were gathered in my Grandpa’s house at Kuala Kedah that afternoon, and the scenario was…pretty obvious, to be truthful.  The adults were outside, playing mahjong and (snicker) checking their high blood pressure rate. Everyone was chatting away jovially, joking around genially.

Inside the house, it was a total antithesis of the outside situation. The inhabitants of the house were mostly teenagers, including me, and almost everyone had a laptop, computer or iPhone in front of them, fingers tapping away at the keyboard, not even exchanging glances. Including me.

Sometimes, it really aches to see such an enormous gap, yawning between the two generations, left abandoned, even though I, myself am not improving things by acting indifferent too.

Modernisms suck, sometimes.

Gong Xi Fai Cai

I was stronger than Edward. I’d made him say ‘ow’.

Chinese New Year. What does it remind you of?

Hmm… Let’s tick off the list, shall we?

  1. Angpaus (oh, yeah. Come to momma…)
  2. Oranges (Bad one. Bad for my currently sore throat. )
  3. Families (Oh yay. More angpaus.)
  4. Homework (OMG, my study table is full of it.)
  5. A sore throat and a runny nose.


Yeah, unlucky me. Getting myself sick just before the new year. Just perfect.

The cough turned up on Wednesday, a ‘hype’ in my school, apart from the Twilight craze. Yun Shuan has it, Peik Hwa has it etcetera etcetera. It was bad. Sometimes, in order to prevent myself from coughing out irritatingly, I had to claw my throat to ease the itchiness. Thank God I don’t have vampire nails.

And then the stupid flu had to take control over my system, torturing my already sensitive nasal cavity. Well, whaddya know, Yun Tong and Chew Jie had it too. The school was becoming more and more like a Sick Bank than a place for learning.

Oh goody. I hope they close the school due to an influenza or something. Then I wouldn’t have to face stupid ‘buku ilmiahs’ everyday, and, if luck was on my side, Carlisle would come and transform me into a bloodsucker and carry me to Forks or something.

Oh wtf. How did this Chinese New Year post end up with such a pathetic theory like that? Oh right. It was my luck. My damn unlucky luck.

Pee-ass: About the ‘influenza’ part, alright maybe I deserved a punishment for saying that. (slaps own cheeks 10 times. Superstitious crap…)

Btw, I wasn’t joking about the ‘Carlisle transforming me into a vampire’ part. I hope he would just hurry up with the Volturi (I’m still stuck in Breaking Dawn) and come to my rescue. Soon.

~Help needed for this mentally abnormal girl~

Midnight Sun

The sound of his name unleashed the thing that was clawing inside of me- a pain that knocked me breathless, astonished me with its force.

Before I make my announcement, I want to thank Zhi Xuen for giving me the heads up on this news. Thanks, Xuen!



Stephenie Meyer, author of the Twilight phenomenon, is writing a new book! The plot is the same as Twilight’s, but everything is from Edward Cullen’s POV. The book is called Midnight Sun and the date of publishment is still unknown.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed for an early release, okay?

For the first chapter of Midnight Sun, click here!


My mind shied away from the inevitable awareness that was coming,

coming quickly now.

Have you ever felt like your surroundings are turning into ashes, the world crumbling around your ears, and you’re the lone ranger, standing alone, fighting for nothing? Have you ever felt like you were the odd one out, despised, detested by everyone? Have you ever felt like there was a subconscious deep down inside you, clawing its way to get out and shine, but being pushed deep down again by the cruel reality world?

That’s what I’m feeling right now.

Sometimes, I feel like I’m holding on to a kind of numbness, not unlike Bella’s, a kind of numbness that keeps you working like a robot, following Reality’s (note the capitals) instructions. The feeling really is unlike a zombie’s. But then, when you get the time to relax, to think clearly, all of a sudden, everything starts zooming back into your mind, and the pressure and tension is too much that you feel yourself exploding inside out. Your heart beats rapidly against your ribcage, oozing too much blood, for deep down inside of you, there is a wound, a wound that cannot be healed, even by time.

Time passes. Even when it seems impossible. Even when each tick of the second hand aches like the pulse of blood behind a bruise. It passes unevenly, in strange lurches and dragging lulls, but pass it does, even for me.

People say, Time heals anything. I find that theory incorrect in so many ways. Sometimes, Time makes things worse. It makes you face the inevitable, the truth about life, how life isn’t always as sweet as it seems, no matter how hard you try to improvise. Life is never fair, and neither can we be fair to it, too. It doesn’t give you what it wants, it gives you what you don’t, and make you face it, regardless of your reaction towards it.

If life is giving you a hard time, never give up, for it is a challenge that God is setting for you. Face it calmly and steadily, and God will help you, even through the rainest days.

~Aunty Peh Lan

What would I be without Aunty Peh Lan’s encouragement? Of course, face Life as it is, for it is a challenge. Do not bow to it, instead, outcome all the obstacles, give your best, and you will find that everything is working as smotthly as possible. Work hard, to achieve success. Do not be influenced by the Satan; shy yourself away from it, and turn towards goodness, justice, righteousness.

I am still waiting for my pinnacle of success. No, scratch that. I am working hard for my summit of success. I won’t let Life get the best of me. I will strive towards my goal, my ambition, despite all the hurdles that Life had set for me.

Life, you ain’t seen the best of me.



I was lost in an unthinking stupor,

holding with all my strength to the numbness

that kept me from realizing what I didn’t want to know.


I really should get used to my current situatian.

Bleary-eyed, tired, but still having a tonne of work on my back.

I slept late last night to finish my homework but had to get up early this morning to turn up for my school’s cross-country. I left school at 2 p.m. and had to hurry for tuition at 2.30 p.m. By the time I got home, it was already 4.30 p.m. I played my violin for a while then head for my violin class at 6. I got home by 7, and , after dinner, I had to go for BM tuition at 8 to 10. I didn’t realize I was exhausted until I almost dozed off in class. In the end, I had to admit, it was a pretty long -and tiring- day after all.

Ah, a typical teenager’s school life.

First day dilemma

Haven’t written in a while, cuz things have been REALLY busy for me since my school reopened.


  1. None of my friends are in the same class as me.
  2. I’m appointed stupid, crazy, demented MONITOR.
  3. I’m kinda invisible in my class.
  4. I’m sitting next to….MK?? (!!!!!)
  5. My school principal just went over the top:
  • First, she forces us to wear black shoes.
  • Second, she extended our school time till 2.40 p.m.
  • Third, she cut short our recess time till 10.40 a.m.
  • Fourth, by MY PMR year, she wants out straight As percentage to be 85%.
  • Fifth, she forces us to button our shirt collars till the very top. (Not that I’ll be following that stupid rule.)
  • Sixth, she is such a PRIMADONNA.

6. I am totally addicted to Twilight.

7. I miss the holidays so much.

8. I might never see my BFF THAT frequently again cuz we’re in different tuitions this year. ='(

9. I still miss camp terribly.

10. I wanna faint at the sight of books. (Academic books, that is.)

11. Why can’t I be a vampire like Edward? I mean, a real one.

*Sigh* I may be too stuck in my own fantasy world to realize that the reality is trying to incapacitate me and eventually make me mad to death.