What’s cookin’?

Hello and good morning. My name is Michelle Teoh Zi Yan and you watching WTF News on Channel 38.

Two girls, Metop and Mayo, who were previous, um, strangers, shook hands (well) and befriended each other on 17th of November and have vowed to speak to each other at school next year. It was reported that, the two girls owning blogsites on WordPress, had muttered apologies through posts, and therefore had succeeded in ‘demolishing the isolating space’ between them.


In New York City, tabloids were in full buzz on the recent break-up between the Jonas Brothers’ heartthrob Joe Jonas and pop singer Taylor Swift. According to Swift, her boyfriend had rang her up and suggested a break-up. She said this action was taken when rock star Joe Jonas met actress Camilla Belle, resulting in spreading Jonas’s name as a ‘bad boyfriend’. This revelation has also muddied Jonas’s clean reputation as a modern-day celebrity. (hmph)

But let’s also hear Joe Jonas point of view too, shall we?

I never cheated on a girlfriend. It might make someone feel better to assume or imply I have been unfaithful but it is simply NOT TRUE.

Maybe there were reasons for a breakup. Maybe the heart moved on. Perhaps feelings changed. I am truly saddened that anything would potentially cause you to think less of me.

As for the quick phone call, I called to discuss feelings with the other person. Those feelings were obviously not well received. I did not end the conversation. Someone else did.

This comments were posted in the Jonas Brothers’ own MySpace page but have been removed by Friday afternoon.

As for me, my heart is always on Joe’s side. (I lurf ya, Joe!)


As for today’s top headline, Michelle Teoh Zi Yan, which is also me, have been cooking for the past few days! Nevertheless, the reason for this awkward action was because I would have to prepare my own meals during Tweens Camp this December. Frightening, isn’t it? Chills me to the bones.

Fortunately, the family was still in one piece and had not suffered from any serious ailment after consuming my cooking. Thank heavens.

My current dishes are cabbage and carrot mixed, and egg.


And I’m not joking, really. I did cook. With my two hands and two feet. Nah, not the feet.

Well, this is the last piece of news for the day. Once again, my name is Michelle Teoh Zi Yan and thank you for watching. Good night.

p/s: Finished ‘Fly By Night’ by Frances Hardinge on Thursday, proceeded to ‘Artemis Fowl and The Opal Deception and finished it on Sunday, and proceeded to ‘The Supernaturalist’.



Know what an RPG is? Well, okay, it’s a shoe brand, but it also stands for Role-Playing Game, which, many computer jocks should know. And HEX stands for Hogwarts Extreme. And so HEXRPG is a Harry Potter Role Playing Game. As for those who doesn’t know what an RPG means, it means that you make yourself a character and just, well, role play! God, its hard to explain, let me give you an example.


My post:

Mayna Inez isn’t a normal girl. In fact, she’s far from normal. She is a witch, but she can do loads of things that normal warlocks wouldn’t dream of doing. Of course, there are the awesome things she can do, like predict the future, read people’s minds, move things using her mind and others. But then there are also the dreadful things she can do: When she touches other people, they’re hearth stops, immediately.

Her parents did everything they could to hide this shame of a daughter. They even tried to kill her by ‘accident’, but Mayna did not reject their various actions because she abases herself. Without the encouragement and help of her best friend, Sophie, she would’ve been nothing. Sadly, however, Sophie died just the day before she began her first year at Hogwarts.

At the platform, Mayna made sure that not one person was near enough to see her face. She hid her face beneath her dark, black hair as she boarded the train. The throbbing heartache since yesterday at Sophie’s funeral never left her broken heart. She decided to sit alone in an empty compartment and end her life by herself.

Second post (by anybody):

Jack Lawrence rushed through the hallway of teh train since he was late and he knew that there weren’t going to be any free compartments. He started looking inside them, but they weren’t empty. Finally he reached the last compartment. It seemed that it was free.

His ice blue eyes scanned the compartment, finding out that there was someone more inside. He made a face, feeling awkward, since he didn’t want to disturb. He cleared his throat. “Um, hello. Do you mind if I sit here?” he asked, as politely as he could.

Third post (me):

Mayna jumped at the sudden voice that appeared out of nowhere. She turned to find a boy standing by her compartment door.

“Yeah, sure,” she said, but in her mind she was greatly disappointed at the interruption of her privacy, and her plan.

And so on and so forth. Its kinda fun actually, because you get to involve yourself in a story, especially at Hogwarts.

Apart from role playing, you can do your homework, which can help you go up a grade and earn your house some points. There is a Student Hangout and a Common Room and everyone can just chat and tell jokes or just do anything. There is also The Whisperer, The Quibbler and other kinds of magazines to read. You can enter contests and win prizes. You can even open your own store there and create your own business. As a conclusion, there is nothing (well, except cursing and saying profanity things) you can’t do. What’s more, you can even improve your writing skills. It’s like killing a million birds with one stone. No joke.

Brace yourself for unlimited euphoria! Just click here!


To Whom It May Concerned (and you should know who),

Firstly, I didn’t take things seriously when I wrote my previous post about you. I wrote it merely out of boredom. Well, that and because I wanted to update my blog.

Secondly, I’m sorry because I realised I had offended you. Now when I think about it, it sure sounds teasing and insulting. I’m sorry, and don’t keep it at heart. I wasn’t serious about it and had no idea whatsoever that you would find your way to my blog. Must’ve been Eah or Nini’s doing, huh? Never mind.

Once again, I’m sorry.

The fact is, although you have seen me as a competitor, I have looked up to you as my mentor. Your gift of the gab when presenting a speech is impeccable and your hardworking-ness is the only thing that encourages me to open my books and study. No kidding, yeah, so I guess having a competitor in the same class really pushes you a long way.

And since we have no record of a vendetta whatsoever, I want to demolish this isolating space between us. Next year, we will be friends. Acquaintances, at the very least. So, are you willing to join me in achieving this goal? You will have ample time to muse it over during the holidays.

Once again, sorry and please accept my sincere apologies. I will try to be the one to talk to you FIRST next year. Goodbye and happy holidays.


Last day of school. I’m gonna be in different classes with my friends next year. I dunno if I’ll ever make new friends there. It’s like the beginning of the year all over again. Like a stranger in a crowd of strangers.

When I knew I was going to be in a different class, and even though it was the best class (for me) in school, I felt no happiness at all. It was like, a dementor had just sucked up all the happiness in me. It wasn’t exactly sadness, either. I was confused, and dizzy, like I was hit by a Confunding Charm. We were in the surau then and I could actually feel tears welling up in my eyes. But then I thought, Why am I crying? I mean, I’m promoted! So why am I crying? Well, I got my answer: I couldn’t bear to leave my friends.

See, I’m not exactly a friendly person, so unless you’re a very close friend of mine, I’m not going to speak to you. You’ll have to start the talking. That’s plain, old, typical me. So, making new friends is a very tough challenge for me.

Back at class, several people cried, be it the promoted ones, the demoted ones, and the neither ones. I cried silently too, but did it stealthily, which still received several teases from the sturdier students. Cheng Lin did console me, which made me feel better too.

Afternoon. We had a, you-can-say-farewell party. I tried to hold back all my tears and put on a jovial expression and went on with my goofy ways. The painful fact that I was going to part with Hwa, Leea, Anum and others was still in my heart, waiting to be unleashed once triggered. One thought about it and the tears came out. No use, so I ignored it till after school. In the car, I smiled to my father to assure him I was alright, just like any other school day, then I turned away and the dark clouds started hanging in my heart. I knew we wouldn’t be apart forever. I knew we’d still be able to see each other every single day in school, but deep down in my heart, through all those consoling drivel, I knew that we won’t be as close as we did before. I knew that life wouldn’t always keep its sweet. I knew that my “friendship forever” promise won’t be kept.

To all my 1 Kedah classmates,

              I am awfully sorry if I have ever offended or hurt your feelings. Please accept my apologies. I have appreciated your faithful company throughout the whole year. You lended me a helping hand when I was losing ground; you shared my pain and my sorrow, despite my demanding ways, and I’m sorry for all the bad things I have done or said to you. Bear in mind, that never for a millisecond will I ever forget you, our friendship, our memories.

                Once again, thank you, and sorry. Terima kasih atas segala-galanya, kamulah pelita yang mencahayai perjalananku ke menara gading. Terima kasih dan minta maaf.

Farewell, my friends.


A few weeks ago, on a particular (not to mention unlucky) Friday, my mum announnced a “gotong-royong” in our house, and I was assigned to clean my own region a.k.a. my room. Can you imagine the pain and suffering it took, just to clean my desk? It was soooo revolting. (I can’t believe I’m criticising my own room! My haven!) There were cobwebs here and there and it was DISGUSTING. It is essential for you to know that I don’t do my chores. You can call me a “princess”. I mean, the negative sort of “princess”. Like, “spoiled brat” and so on and so forth. So, I pinched my nose and ignored all the “substances” that stuck on my hand, and, whaddya know? I survived! Although the room wasn’t exactly spotless, (I had to clean my desk, cupboard, computer table [ew], book shelf and side tables) I was quite satisfied with the results. I mean, this is the first time I’ve ever done any serious cleaning. Ev-ah. I was sweating from head to toe and treated myself with a 5-hour long online trip. 😉



Take this test and decide whether you’re like MOKSHA or MICHELLE (that’s me, btw).


Your end-of-year exam is near. You…

still goof around with your friends at school but revise bit by bit at home.

study like mad at school and at home.



Your judgement towards yourself:

I can do anything I like.

I have to work harder.



Any enemies?

Why should I have?




You find that your ‘enemy”s relationship with your best friend is getting better and better, you…

don’t give it much thought. They’re friends, so what?

get angry and give your best friend the ‘silent treatment’.



You used to be the best student in your class during primary school days, but at secondary school, your usual No. 1 title is snatched by someone else, do you hate the someone else?

No, why should I?

Yes. A lot.



Your favourite type of novel?

Teen novels, be it Harry Potter, Princess Diaries or Artemis Fowl. I love everything, except too ‘adulty’


Reader’s Digest Selected Editions.



Your friendster shoutout is…

“Add me! I love the Jonas Brothers!”

“Seldom online. Exam is near.”


‘Stress’ in your vocabulary?

Nope. Dunno what that is.

Like, yeah. Of course. All the time.


You worship…

Hollywood. Disney. Nickelodeon. ‘White’ stuff.

J-pop. The cuter, the better.


You wish you’re like…

A  Michelle.

B  Moksha.


Mostly As

You’re like Michelle. Fun, outgoing, doesn’t give a damn about studies (except during exams). Just like me!

Mostly Bs

You’re like Moksha. Hardworking, consistent, never play the fool and wants the best title.