Quitter’s quote

<Dated 6 August 2008>

I quitted my prefect job today. Yeah, that’s right, you’re not seeing things. Your eyes are fine. There are no problems with your eyes. The only one with problems is me. I’m the nutcase.

There was a meeting during recess today, at 5 Kedah. Azimah started asking questions about the excos and deducting points of those who got it wrong. I got it right by sheer luck. I took a wild guess.

Anyway, I told my friend Hoi Chin ( a prefect too) that I was going to quit if there were any chances. I was just partly joking that time, because I didn’t think Azimah would be kind enough to let anyone off now. Before the meeting ended, she really did ask “Anyone thinking of stepping down?” and Hoi Chin was like, “Go on. Say it if you want,” and I was like “I dunno, do I really want to?” Before I knew it, my hand was in the air. Azimah noticed me. She asked why and I said “Tak laratlah” (Not capable of handling this job anymore ) So she -miraculously-let me off. I was quivering in fear the whole way back. Azleea and Hanum (my prefect friends) seem to be angry with me so I walked back to class all alone with a growling stomach because the bell had already rang ages ago.

I went home, my head dizzy with all the thinking at school. Worse, my thinkings were contradicting each other. Here’s the list of Pros and Cons of being a prefect.


  1. Boost up my self-esteem and confidence.
  2. Be more disciplined.
  3. Feel very “grand” wearing a blue baju kurung.
  4. Chinese elected to be prefects is like seeing a five-petaled clover, an extremely rare oppurtunity in a school like Asma.
  5. Family would be so proud. 😉
  6. Spending more time with Anum and Leea.
  7. Proving that my teacheres haven’t chose the wrong candidate for the job.
  8. Bully juniors when I’m in Form 5. (nah, just joking;) )
  9. Wearing baju kurung which is way more cooler than wearing the pinafore.
  10. Get an anugerah. (hopefully)


  1. Unnessecary worries. (I was dreading 3N every day)
  2. Ultimately busy.
  3. Might affect my studies.
  4. Gain students’ hatred.
  5. Get bullied by seniors.
  6. Heavier punishments and worse scoldings by Cikgu Noni if I make ONE teeny weeny mistake.
  7. Will have to continue duties even though you’re sick. (Noni once shrieked at a prefect who was sick during assembly and went to the sick bay.)
  8. Cannot goof around with my friends anymore.
  9. Always given the responsibilty to watch the class during teachers’ absence.
  10. The LIGHT BLUE among the BLUE AND WHITE.

If I held a debate, it would be “Cons of being a prefect is more than its pros”. Maybe.

Shyness.. My failure

<Dated 3 August 2008>


I am staring at this word. I hate this word. Why does it have to be a part of me?

For those whose heads are already dropping to floor and their shoulders high in the air in scepticism (i dunno if its even the right word), I am an incredibly shy girl.

For instance, since I became prefect, I never said a word to the students in the class I am (inspecting?) Every morning, I’m supposed to, you know, boom “Who’s sweeping the floor today? Please do it now!” instead of “Um.. excuse me, er… Do you know who is Husha, who’s supposed to sweep the floor?” By the way, I got it wrong. Its Husna, not Husha, and she (the girl I was questioning) was like, “Huh? Husha? What?”

What’s more, instead of walking around checking the cleanliness of the classroom, I lingered at the notice board, pretending to fall in love with the Duty Roster.

7.25am. I switched off the lights and waited for the students to come out and queue up. WAITED. Pathetic. And they did crawl out into two worm-like lines. They laughed, they shouted, they talked, they teased, and still, I kept my stupid mouth shut, like I was waiting for God to take some action or something.

This situation lasted for a few days until the class monitor even got sympathetic of me. Once she ordered the class to shut up and added “Look, can’t you feel sorry for the poor prefect standing there?”. I was so ashamed that my face got so red and I turned away. I’m so pathetic.



I hate being SHY.

Damn Prefect (not PERFECT)

My world is coming to an end.

My world is coming to an end.

Read this article below:

ALOR STAR, 29 July- A catastrophe landed in Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Sultanah Asma when a Form 1 student, Michelle Teoh Zi Yan was appointed JDPP (Jemaah Disiplin Pelajar Percubaan, which, in English, means trial prefect).

Michelle, one of the school’s worst students was given this job by the Head Prefect, Azimah. Hell knows what one on Earth was she thinking when she made the decision.

Nevertheless, she couldn’t reject in time because she stepped on a banana peel and slipped. Damn. When she got up, the Head Prefect was already nowhere to be seen.

JDPPs were given a task to collect information sbout prefect duties from permanant prefects. Michelle didn’t want to, but somehow, somebody passed up a copy of the work with her name on it. And similar writing too. Police are investigating on this “copied-handwriting” case.

On Thursday, Michelle’s duty was appointed at class 3 Negeri. That was when the special phenomenon began. She became INVISIBLE!!! Nobody noticed her, nobody gives a damn about her. She tried to commit suicide (the class was 2 stories high), but failed because her dress got stuck onto a nail on the balcony wall.

“My life is HELL,” she remarked when interviewed. “I’m becoming Hellgirl.”

To make matters worse, she has to break her habit of waking up at 7am and wake up at 6.30am instead, which was serious enough to make the sun rise in the west.



OK, the prefect thingy and the “my life is hell” thingy was completely true. I exaggerated some points, I admit, but it was essential. Trust me.

A sigh of relief

We won! We finally won in the debate! Well, I see my hard work has not been wasted, luckily. However, I did not obtain the name of Best Debator. It was taken by Moksha. (sigh)

But at least we talked! I mean, we interacted during the debate, she asking me about the POI points, and me asking her if I was doubtful about anything. She was really good. She was really, really good. It was no wonder she was the best debator. See? I don’t even hate her.

I am sooo relieved! No more staying up till 2am, no more practicing my debate speech in front of the class-which was ultimately humiliating- and finally, no more anti-tv. The dark cloud hanging in my heart and the heavy boulder at the tip of the cliff of my heart has disappeared! Evaporated into thin air! It was like nothing can ever make me gloomy again, which I was the whole week.

That’s all for now. My time limit’s almost up. Ta!




<<sorry, this post was supposed to be dated 22th July. somehow, i saved it my drafts instead of publishing it. Drat.>>

Debate Stress

I participated in my school English debate last month and this Thursday is the final round between Form Ones and my class is competing with the BEST class in the whole form. Stressing, isn’t it?

Thing is, I’m so stressed out by this whole debate thing. Our motion is “Co-ed Schools are better than Single-sex Schools”, and I’m the opposition. I’m not kidding.

I mean, come on! Lecturers and high school students have been debating on this topic for two decades! And still they haven’t found an answer to the motion. You’ve got to be kidding me.

So, I searched the entire World Wide Web for the advantages of single-sex schooling. THEN they told me to today that the third speaker doesn’t need to mention any points: you just need to rebutt (I think is spelled this way, I dunno).

So, I switched on my laptop again and began searching for the advantages on CO-ED schools instead. To make matters worse, I’m working with my enemy on the same debate team. Hey, she hated me first, it wasn’t my fault. Well, not entirely.

Well, lets keep our fingers crossed, shall we?


p/s: I’ve finished  The Amber Spyglass by Phillip Pullman. Definitely worth a read. I’d give it an 8 over 10.

My first post

Hi, everybody. My name is Michelle and thanks for viewing my blog.

To tell you the truth, the main reason I created this blog is because the person I admire has one. Don’t get me wrong when I say admirer. Its not a “lover” thing. I really admire my tuition teacher, Jasmine Yow. Well, teacher sounds a bit old. Oh well, my tutor.

However, my tuition met its end 2 weeks ago because she has to return to Singapore to continue her studies. Or so I think. 😉

I really love writing, but sometimes my grammar is crap, so forgive me if I made any offensive mistakes.

Alright, end of this post. More are coming, I guess.