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michelle • twenty-three • infp

My name is Michelle, sometimes I go by Mich too. I am a 23-year-old Malaysian Chinese, currently living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, pursuing a legal career that I’m not even all too sure I want.

Possessing an affinity for creative expression, I have dabbled in an array of hobbies ranging from photography to modelling to vlogging, but not surprisingly, writing has always stuck with me consistently, allowing me to express myself in ways that I am unable to within the confines of anxiety in real life interactions. What I lack in the department of social skills (and that is a lot), I make up for in the form of blogposts and photos here because the written word has aided me many times where the spoken word has failed.

I love the smell of blown candles, driving down empty highways after midnight with Japanese shoegaze music playing on the radio and the sensation of putting everything I have into a genuine hug and receiving one in return. Anime and socks are cool too. I also believe in the sanctity of eating fries with sundae, the superiority of cauliflowers over broccolis and British whole milk as a staple food choice.

This blog has become as much of an appendage of my life as all my knowledge and experiences throughout my lifetime combined so treat it with care, and I hope you enjoy your stay.


8 thoughts on “About the Blogger”

  1. Hello again, MIchelle. Your blog is so cute and cordial and I love reading your texts. I just wanted to say Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog, I have already answered your question(s) but … well. ….. I love the header and I like your layout 😛 … and the way you are describing yourself. I don’t think that you have to have a low self-esteem because you are a really cute girl and I think it’s rather sweet how you describe yourself. Let me also ask you something: from which part of Malaysia are you from? It’s because I will maybe move to Malaysia next year! Great coincidence!

  2. MAH NIGGA. Thanks for lastfmaccepting and shiz. *clinks glasses*

    *beer glasses*

    *not like, spectacle glasses, cos clinking that shit is uncomfy as hell*

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