A sigh of relief

We won! We finally won in the debate! Well, I see my hard work has not been wasted, luckily. However, I did not obtain the name of Best Debator. It was taken by Moksha. (sigh)

But at least we talked! I mean, we interacted during the debate, she asking me about the POI points, and me asking her if I was doubtful about anything. She was really good. She was really, really good. It was no wonder she was the best debator. See? I don’t even hate her.

I am sooo relieved! No more staying up till 2am, no more practicing my debate speech in front of the class-which was ultimately humiliating- and finally, no more anti-tv. The dark cloud hanging in my heart and the heavy boulder at the tip of the cliff of my heart has disappeared! Evaporated into thin air! It was like nothing can ever make me gloomy again, which I was the whole week.

That’s all for now. My time limit’s almost up. Ta!




<<sorry, this post was supposed to be dated 22th July. somehow, i saved it my drafts instead of publishing it. Drat.>>

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Michelle Teoh

26-year-old cynical Asian, book enthusiast and purveyor of fine sarcasm.

5 thoughts on “A sigh of relief”

  1. I’ve been wondering, have you ever stayed overseas?
    When you were giving your speech during debate, I was wondering about your accent..
    so, have you?

  2. Jasmine: happy blogging too! ^^

    aifa: no i havent, though i hope too. and the accent was craaaaap. i was mimicking dan radcliffe. xD

    yu sha: hi, dr. tan yu sha, may i know what “serious ailment” i am having? anyway thanks..^^

    desiree: whoa, must be sad, DUDE. xD

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