Whoa, WHAT??

His voice was like honey and velvet.

Okay, the school would probably kill me if they found me writing this, but they had totally went over the top. Totally ABSURD.

Last Sunday, during assembly, Pn. Norlela showed us a Gaza War Powerpoint and video. I never knew she was an emotional person (well, she isn’t, I think, since she’s so garang all the time) until she cried. She REALLY cried. That was when she reached the “Manakah saudara-saudara kita? Manakah mereka apabila kita perlu pertolongan mereka?” And then her voice broke and she had to stop between words to speak coherently.

I was like, oh no, and felt quite sorry for her and the victims of the war -because it was a cruel and gruesome war, what with the beheading of the Palestinian children- but then it all evaporated into thin air together with her last sentence.

Marilah kita boikot produk-produk Amerika Syarikat untuk mengakhiri peperangan ini!

Aku ternganga.

Boycott America products???

And then the school started giving out flyers listing out the things or places that we are not supposed to use or go.


Things: Milo, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Dutch Lady, Dell…

Places: McDonald’s, Tesco, KFC, Pizza Hut…

You might as well ask me to strip my whole house bare.

Huh. I thought boycotting was, like, haram.

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Michelle Teoh

26-year-old cynical Asian, book enthusiast and purveyor of fine sarcasm.

3 thoughts on “Whoa, WHAT??”

  1. might as well boycot microsoft and stop using powerpoint all together! Well, all wars r bad but instilling negative sentiments in students r also bad.

  2. Maybe some of you should quip and tell her to get everything American out of her system…. it’ll be comical to see whether she can cope… cos the first thing she has to do is to go back to the typewriter… that oso dunno whether got any parts ‘tainted’ by America. LOL!!
    Nah! Don’t do that. Just goes to show that teachers today are all a misinformed and ‘brainwashed’ lot also.

  3. zazu: exactly! i doubt we’ll have any computer class after that…lol
    aj7: no, first thing she has to do is to dispose of her handphone..muahahaha..xD wanna see what her life will be without a handphone…

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