Randomness- 50 Stuffs Bout Me- Right Now

Randomness…and boredom. =)

  1. I’m bored. =.
  2. I get bored easily.
  3. Whenever I get bored, I write random stuff in my blog. Like this.
  4. Little kids bore me.
  5. Like how my friend’s sisters are trying to fight over this computer. Of course I won. =D
  6. I ‘m lazy.
  7. There’s an empty mug next to my computer.
  8. I’m lazy to bring it to the kitchen.
  9. I am going to shout for my cousin sister to do me the favour.
  10. Nah, I’m too lazy.
  11. I sweat easily.
  12. It’s so DAMN HOT!!
  13. A fan won’t suffice.
  14. In fact, ten fans would still be futile.
  15. I need an air-con. Right now.
  16. I’m hungry.
  17. I’m still too lazy to head to the kitchen for a snack.
  18. Oh whatever. I guess I have to diet. =)
  19. I’m dreaming of Mini Cornettos.
  20. I’m trying to smack the idea out of my head.
  21. I’m trying to convince myself that ice-cream is nothing but ‘sugar and carbs’.
  22. Like what Emma Roberts said in ‘Wild Child’.
  23. By the way, I watched ‘Wild Child’ yesterday.
  24. The plot was totally screwed up.
  25. AND stupid.
  26. I’m bored.
  27. 22 more to go.
  28. Sigh…
  29. 20 more…
  30. I just noticed my nails.
  31. I painted them black.
  32. And red and silver.
  33. Red on the second finger of my left hand.
  34. Silver on the last finger of my right hand.
  35. I meant to take a picture of it and post it in my blog and NOX.
  36. But I’m too lazy.
  37. My KH project is still untouched.
  38. I hate school.
  39. I hate homework.
  40. I want to be home-schooled.
  41. That way, I get to do my homework while biting away at my cookies.
  42. I love lurrrve NOX.
  43. It’s a Twilight forum, in case you want to know.
  44. The address is equinoxrpg.com.
  45. Add me when you register.
  46. Remember!!!
  47. Oh yeah, 2 more to go.
  48. 1 more…

Heh. XD Pardon meh.

Published by

Michelle Teoh

26-year-old cynical Asian, book enthusiast and purveyor of fine sarcasm.

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