Choral Speaking in Youtube

So Kelly told me about this video stuffed somewhere in Youtube, so i dug it out and posted it here.

BTW, I’m the only Chinese, faaaar right. 🙂

Yes, I joined the District Level Choral Speaking competition on… the 23rd of April, I think. So, blame me for not posting that (I actually have a ‘Choral Speaking 2009’ draft saved in here, which I was too lazy to continue) but I’m going to summarise my choral speaking experience right now.

Ena passed me a paper one afternoon during recess, asking if I wanted to join the choral speaking competition, and I was like, “What’s that?” But I wrote my name in anyway, and since Crystal, Soya and Dolphin weren’t there, I pulled Chew Jie together too.

After school, all the participants were ordered to gather at the school hall for an audition. GULP. So we formed a line, and Pn. Kok Kam Leng instructed everyone to read out a verse of the choral speaking text. She said she was judging by pronounciation and volume. I wasn’t unduly worried about the former, but the latter terrorized me. I was never one to speak out loud. But when it was my turn, Aifa and Anum said I did pretty well, and I was consoled. Chew Jie didn’t make it though, although she was one of the reserves.

The practices were held EVERYDAY, and , I must admit, it was pretty torturing. Pn. Kok Kam Leng had to be MIA for a while, so it was only us and Pn. Zarina. I think I’ll just skip the practice session. It’s pretty tedious, I have to admit.

The 23rd of April fell on a Thursday, and was held in SMJK Keat Hwa. As far as I know, Joey was participating too. So when we got there (we were an influx of white, because we’re all wearing baju kurung[s]) . I saw Joey, Mi Xia, Khey Ken, June Lynn, and probably some people that my non-adhesive memory couldn’t remember, at the Keat Hwa seats. And I also saaw Ai Chen, Jia Wen, Wei Ann, Leong Vern at the Convent seats. We were third, so Nadia and I were practically clinging on to each other, nerves hacking into our body systems. And then it was our turn. I tried really hard to stifle the neverending oncoming coughs, because I was unlucky enough to catch a cough virus a few days before the competition. But fortunately, I didn’t emit a single cough during the competition.

When we were done, we sat down, nerves relaxing, crossing our legs to enjoy the show.

*Just enjoy the show* <— Yes, that’s Lenka. 🙂

The SMK Convent group.

The Keat Hwa group.

I can’t find anymore schools on Youtube. Sorry, guys.

So anyway, it was time for the results. And…

“The second runner-up goes to….”



“The first runner-up goes to…”



[Guess I could add a ‘whoop!’ here.]

“And the champion of the Kota Star District Level Choral Speaking Competition 2009 is….”



And there were shrieks everywhere. I have to admit, they were pretty awesome. So then, our team, and the Convent team went on the stage to claim our prizes. On the bus, everyone was elated, because it was the first time our school had bagged any award for any choral speaking competitions. (Never mind the didn’t-get-champion-thingy. We blew it away from our minds.)

And that’s pretty all I have to say, except from the fact I still feel dreamy-like whenever I reminisce this memory. 🙂

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14 thoughts on “Choral Speaking in Youtube”

  1. Convent got champion? Yeah… Jia Wen and Ai Chen are the best! And this wierd little girl got second, not bad…

  2. hi do you know who is the champion of your state? you’re from the kedah state if im not wrong right? please let me know thanks alot 🙂

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