Swine swine, go away…

I arrived at school today, still sleepy, and hid myself in my arms before dozing off on my desk. All I thought was, just another boring day. Typical, huh? Plus, there was assembly, not to mention that I’m on duty at 3M. You see where I’m heading.

So the day went on…well, terribly. I was ordered out 5 minutes early, and it turns out there’s no assembly. Huffing, I returned to 3M and sticked to Angel. (new codename for Crystal. I mean, Hoi Chin.) We went back to class, with me in a horrible mood, and a runny nose, furious that my morning was spoiled.

And then someone shook my day. Just a little.

There were lots of empty seats today: Wahed (operation), Yu Han (sick), Shi Qian (sick), , Azira (sick),  Diana (sick), and Jiha (terribly sick=suspected H1N1) So you see, 5 out of 6 absentees were sick. With fever. And that’s not all, Nadhirah, Yun Shuan, Chew Jie, Jia Yee, Amalina, Farah and Mas were some who were present but sick. And I mean, really sick. Nadhirah had all the flu symptoms. And she’s only two seats from me. So when the PK1 announced that everyone who was sick -regardless what type of illness you contracted- were to go to the hall for quarantine. Doesn’t the word give you the creeps? Take 34 minus 13 plus 1 (Etiqah –>band) and 1 (Moksha –>drama) and you get approximately half the class left. I had half a mind to join the Suspects, but -well, I’m so obedient. *faints* Anyway, so rumours started to fly around the school: Were there any real swine flu cases? What happened in the hall?  Did everyone get a check-up? Poor Chew Jie. She sneaked back to class to nip a bite but got bombarded with questions instead. Later, Jannah from 2K told us there were 85 suspects and a confirmed case: a Form 1 student was sent to the hospital. Angel and I exchanged glances. This means: SCHOOL’S OUT!!!

But no. Unfortunately. It was a fake, Jiao Lin told us. I frowned. School’s still on? Oh noez. Well, at least I still have a topic to talk about in the car. I can only cross my fingers that 1) the principal will spread the flu when she returns from London, 2) the band members do when they come back from Pasir Gudang.

Don’t kill me please.

Anyway, Natalie -yes, live news feed from Australia- said that they don’t really take the disease seriously anymore, despite 25 deaths. Which reminds me, Chrissy -my other friends from Aussie- has got it herself.

Chrisseh/Linden/Brynniepoo: If you’re reading this, I hope you get well soon. *huggles*

And she wished she had bird flu instead. Makah has gotten to your head, stepsisseh.

P/S. Finished ‘Can You Keep A Secret?’ by Sophie Kinsella today. Can’t help thinking that the characters are Emma Foster and Rex Harper. AND they’re actually Zanessa. *fazed*

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Michelle Teoh

26-year-old cynical Asian, book enthusiast and purveyor of fine sarcasm.

4 thoughts on “Swine swine, go away…”

  1. I luff you, thanks for mentioning me. I am heaps better although our town has been struck down by it XD

    1. Chrisseh! *hugglesquishesglomps* I’m glad to hear that you’re better. Blast the flu.

      *adds Chelsie to name* ^^

  2. yes. I need the school to close too. Whe share sth incommon at last. I’ll be jumping like hell if schools closed. What u say-or do-always comes true. Believe me. I have experimented on it.

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