The Curious Spazzing Out of Electricity

Okay, so you have absolutely no idea how much I’m freaking out now. I’m surrounded by darkness, with my laptop as the only wee source of light in the entire house. Yes, we had a major blackout.

It happened at 5 in the morning last night till now, and us being the only residence to experience such a faulty electrical trip. So imagine my disappointment when I arrived home from school, fantasizing a cool bath and an iced shake while reading. Oh, I got my ‘cool’ bath alright, together with no food and no light source for reading.

I had a few hours of suffering in the back kitchen while I was doing my revision, but the light only stayed till 8 pm, then I had to join Dad at the front porch chasing Golden while blasting out tunes of A Thousand Miles from my handphone. Finally the electrician came, and the emergency light was dominated by him, so I couldn’t do anything except to turn on my computer and write this. (I’m writing this in Word by the way, then only do I copy and paste into WordPress.)

Anyway, back to now. I am currently nutritious food for mosquitoes right now, which clearly isn’t appeasing considering my current situation. I’d rather be a donor for vampires than stupid mosquitoes anyday.

OH WAIT! THE ELECTRICITY IS ON AGAIN! Thank you, electric man! Thank you, wires! Thank you-

Oh shiz. It’s gone again. Now Dad’s complaining about the stupid trip again.


I will never forget God’s word, “Let there be light.” It reminds me of how much I take electricity for granted.

Exit light, Enter night… NOT.

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Michelle Teoh

26-year-old cynical Asian, book enthusiast and purveyor of fine sarcasm.

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