Strange Fate

Strange Fate (Not Yet Released)

Sixteen-year-old Sarah Strange finds life a mass of contradictions. She’s an ordinary-looking girl, and yet two of the most popular guys at school form her circle of friends. Shapeshifter Kierlan Drache and Witch Mal Harman, who are as unlike as any two people can be. That ought to make her happy, but recently she’s been having romantic feelings about each of them—and has seen two silver cords: one reaching from her to Kierlan, and one from her to Mal. What’s going on? In addition, every night she dreams of a future where dragons and vampires rule the world, and of a brave child called Crispy. For a girl who hasn’t even heard of the Night World yet, Sarah has a lot to handle! Even worse, the Apocalypse has finally come—and even the Wild Powers see only one way to stop it. And we can’t forget about the human Beauty, Brionway. This is an epic volume, which stars all the most beloved Night Worlders from the other books. Be prepared, though, because seven go on a mission to save the world . . . and only two come back.

Though the release date for this book has been pushed back every year since 1999, L. J. Smith remains dedicated to finishing the series for 2010 (current release date is set for April 06, 2010). She has written a delay of the apocalypse into Strange Fate and plans to tie off all loose ends in this last edition to the Night World series.

6th of April 2010. EIGHT MORE MONTHS?!

I shalt wait patiently, Lisa Jane. But don’t you dare delay anymore. I’ll sent Tristane after you.

Blair out.

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Michelle Teoh

26-year-old cynical Asian, book enthusiast and purveyor of fine sarcasm.

6 thoughts on “Strange Fate”

  1. I cant wait for the final Night World book to come out. I have been waiting so long to read it and i thought the rest of the series was amazing so i know that this book is worth the wait. Ljane Smith is an amazing writer. Cant wait to read another one of her amazing books!

  2. I can’t wait for the new book to come out!!!! And I love the comment about sending Tristane> =D

  3. @Mary: She is amazing! I’ve wanted Vampire Diaries for a long time now, and yes, I can’t wait for Strange Fate either.

    @Marissa: Lawl. XD

  4. I sooo can`t wait till strange fate comes out .I have all the night word books and vampire diaries so I know this book will be good.lj smith rocks.!!!!!

  5. It’s disappointing there isn’t much about Brionwy though her outside story very much fascinated me…It’s so unfair to wait this long…April seems light years away…LIVE LJ Smith!!!!!!!!

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