Turn To The Dark Side

Look at the man
with the smile on his face
Looks like he’s always feelin’ good
you might want to take his place
and sometimes
I think that you would

You guys know me. How am I? An angel?
Naughty, perhaps? Quiet, peaceful?
I’ve always seen myself as loud and noisy,
otherwise cheerful and bubbly.
Things were fine back then.

When the sun is goin’ down
and there is no place to hide
Even in the brightest light
you might lean toward
the darker side

Thing is, what’s the matter with the world
these days? Full of death, violence,
nightmares, traumas that happily tear
away the facade of belonging and happiness
I possess. They come a-running,
crushing you flat in the process,
pilfering all your bliss, turning them
into hatred and anger.

Look at the people,
they learn how to lie so easy
They learn how to lie to get
what they need
and after they got
what they needed
It turns into
a simple case of greed

When you’ve seen so much, it’s hard to
be the innocent child you were then.
Happy days, all gone.
Delightful surprises, zilch.
Casual pleasures, void.
This is what my world has become.

When they no longer feel ashamed
and they’ve lost all sense of pride
Misery loves company
and it’s lonely
on the darker side

The new blog changes is pretty
much self explanatory.
We fly high, and end up
on the ground eventually.

And when the party is over
and the music has died
You’ll be dancin’ to the music, baby
somewhere on the darker side

We all belong to the dark side.
The evil, the cruel, the merciless.
We all have them in us,
what differs is their quantity in us.
How bad are you?
How evil are you?
How ruthless are you?

Somewhere on the darker side

We’re all villians, anyway.
Why hide?

Published by

Michelle Teoh

26-year-old cynical Asian, book enthusiast and purveyor of fine sarcasm.

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