Don’t Cross Your Fingers. It’s Sooner or Later.

…that the end of the world is coming.

Okay, I’m not depressed -maybe a teeny bit, though- and I’m certainly not a psychic, but Earth’s mad at us right now, so you can’t say she’s not thinking about payback time. Who knows? Maybe Martians are on her speed dial, and she’s ready to call them anytime now to invade our beautiful, precious little Earth and send us to out doomsday.

There’s no guarantee.

Let’s count, shall we?

Perhaps we can go way back till year 2004, when the term ‘Tsunami’ was known to the citizens of Malaysia. We were stunned -and fascinated, too- when a layer of white substance was seen above the sea surface. Of course, everyone started to fish out their cameras and snap away, except for a few experienced tourists who were wise enough to sprint from the spot at the sight of the tidal wave. Whoop-de-da, in the end, quite a few drowned in the waves and Malaysians were no longer safe and sound from natural disasters.

Then there was this flood at my suburb, say…three years ago? Can’t quite remember. Anyway, it happened all so fast, and we only had about three hours to pack everything before the water came. Mum and Dad moved all the furniture up the stairs and we drove -through the water, yep- to my uncle’s house to stay for approximately a week before the water subsided. It was December then. My school was flooded too, in the classrooms, everything. Luckily, when we went home, not a single drop of liquid reached the threshold and my parents had to move everything back again.

So yeah, I’m quite an ignorant person, so I’m not wholly aware of anything else on the news for the past few years, until 2008, when an earthquake broke out in Sichuan, China. God, it was terrible. Everyday, news about the disaster would play on the tv screen, a gruesome sight.

Oh, and now we press the fast forward  button.

To this year. First, there’s the earthquake and Padang. The whole place looked exactly like a dump. And they simply had to print out pictures of crying -and bloody- babies on the front page of The Star. Jeez. Then, whoop-de-do, the earthquake brought Tsunami to Samoa. Poor island. Well, you know what Tsunamis are like. Si Em said there was even a second Tsunami at the island. Again, poor Samoa.

Travelling north, we reach at the Phillipines, where they meet Typhoon Kesna -or something like that, anyway- and there was a terrible flood that claimed the lives of many. Typhoon Parma hit the country last night, and I can’t even imagine what will happen to the Filipinos.

A friend of mine said that we’re all going to die in 2012. Seriously, I’m only Form 5! SPM and world apocalypse. Perhaps I would opt for the latter. At least I don’t have to squeeze my brain to achieve that.

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Michelle Teoh

26-year-old cynical Asian, book enthusiast and purveyor of fine sarcasm.

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