`Today, this could be;; the Greatest Day of All Lives

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So it is a tuition-less Friday, and upon impulse, we went to Penang.

This morning, I woke up at nine and spent the next hour choosing my clothes. No kid, ’cause I get all picky and fussy whenever I’m out on a trip. So in the end I wore a sleeveless 3/4 mini dress with grey leggings, something inspired by an incredible fashionista named Serena van der Woodsen. SRSLY.

The three of us -my dad, mum and I- had quite a huge debate -about primary school drama-rama- in the car all the way to Penang, while Chieny just stared into oblivion. At least I think she was because she shut her mouth throughout the whole journey except for times when she sang along to ‘Trouble Is A Friend’ on the radio, which, as you know, turned out to become quite a series of indistinct murmurs.

Okay, so I’ll make my main motives clear. The reason I wanted to go to Penang in the first place is because I wanted to get my books aka presents from my dad for being top in class. So, naturally, the first place I headed was Borders, whereas my parents and Chieny entered Jusco.

And for once, I ran out of books at Borders.

REALLY. I had my mind on the Vampire Diaries for the past few days -note previous post- so I was aiming to get the series. And Borders didn’t have the first book.

Quite unbelievable, actually, but since it’s the New Moon hype, the whole shop was pretty much dominated by Stephenie Meyer’s second instalment of the Twilight Saga, and they even had a RM60++ 2010 calendar that I squealed mentally at. But of course, I told myself to keep my eyes on the goal.

But no, there was no Awakening && Struggle, so you know what I did? I went to Popular.


So, YAY for me, when I bought the two books with a 15% discount on both books. I feel happy for my little achievement there. At least I wasn’t deprived of purchasing a book like the last time I was at Queensbay Mall.

And you know something else that was totally awesome? We had lunch at TGI Friday’s. Ohmygod.

We had Cajun-Dried Salad, Boneless Chicken Wings, Clam Chowder, a chicken dish that I wasn’t sure of its name, Fish and Chips for Chieny, Blue Raspberry Slush for Dad, Peppermint Panther for me and Oreo Milkshake for Chieny. And yes, it was amazing.

Except that I may have overate a bit. In fact, we all overate. And the fear of puking my acids out of my stomach the previous morning before loomed in my head.

Anyway, after that, I was tired and sleepy. Figures. So while my parents and Chieny went shopping, I sat at a bench at resumed Son of A Witch, which, I am now proud to say, have finished just three minutes ago. It was incredibly boring, and I would elaborate more about it, but I’ll tell you guys more in a separate post.

And so, we headed home after that, with me sleeping in the car the whole time and my earphones stuck to my ears. Bon voyage.

Oh, and Vizzle made me a prettyful set on Nox today. I love you, Vizzlepie.

Mayo out.

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Michelle Teoh

26-year-old cynical Asian, book enthusiast and purveyor of fine sarcasm.

6 thoughts on “`Today, this could be;; the Greatest Day of All Lives”

  1. chelle.. i’m new here.. i don’t understand anything.. i can’t even upload a pic..
    would you accept my proposal to be my guru on how to create blogs?
    please 🙂

  2. LOL Mia;; 😀

    Pacific Popular now has Tempted. 20% discount too. 🙂

    and…have you created one at WordPress here, or do you want one at Blogger? I know both. 😛 I dunno if you’re having the same problem as mine (I can’t upload pictures now, dunno why) but normally, if you want to upload a picture, you click the first button at the [UPLOAD/INSERT] knob there. It’s a rectangle with a smaller, coloured rectangle in it.

    Ask me more on Facebook. 😉

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