So I totally stole this title from Danielle. And sorry for being MIA for a century, but I’ve been hooked on RPing and stuff.

So 2010 is officially tomorrow, and I guess I need a resolution list:

  1. Get straight As in PMR. DURH.
  2. Get ASEAN Scholarship.
  3. Get into Singapore.
  4. Or better yet, get into Aussie.
  5. Meet my beloved NOXEHians.
  6. Like, vamp Jez. ASAP.
  7. Be a better person.
  8. Be a better prefect. (Doubt that.)
  9. Speak up more…?
  10. I wanna be staff on Nox. >.<
  11. Um um. Be a Daily Prophet reporter.
  13. Like, LOSE WEIGHT!
  14. Stop humiliating self.

Yes, I know, my resolutions don’t make sense AT ALL. But as long as I achieve the first four ones, I’m contented.

Hatin’ on you, two-oh-one-oh.

Published by

Michelle Teoh

26-year-old cynical Asian, book enthusiast and purveyor of fine sarcasm.

9 thoughts on “`Resolutions”

  1. why singapore why australia? there’s still the USA. or JPA. or so many other opportunities. 🙂 but all the best!

    tip: too much pessimism is bad for health. 🙂

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