`Galaxie 1/1/10

…totally just blew my brains off. Like literally. Thankfully, no one was at home when I tore open the cover of my magazine. I was pretty deflated a few days before because I was anticipating its arrival on the first of Jan, instead it only arrived on my doorstep on the 4th.

So I tore open the plastic cover and saw pink-haired Lady Gaga on the cover. I’ve fallen in love with her ever since I had Bad Romance on repeat mode on my mp3 player, so yes I was psyched. I was flipping open the pages cautiously and shaking with anticipation, because this over-60-pages issue is surely gonna be a blast.

The first few pages were about awards the gave out to artistes, and those that made me smile were Lady Gaga -Entertainer of the Year, Taylor Lautner -Hot Bod of the Year, Taylor Swift -Sweetheart of the Year, Katy Perry & Russell Brand -Odd Couple of the Year (like, fosho.), Megan Fox -Overexposed Star of the Year (I love the ‘overexposed’ part. XD ), and there are many more, but the next page4 showed Adam Lambert’s ‘For Your Entertainment’ album, Allison Iraheta’s ‘Just Like You’ album and Kris Allen’s self-titled album and that was my first ‘squeakature’. To resume the awards, Christian Bale was Douchebag of the Year (good one.), “I wanna ride on your disco stick” Love Game -Lyric of the Year, Adam Lambert -Risk Taker of the Year, New Moon -Movie Event of the Year, Miley Cyrus -Q-Witter of the Year(honestly, though, I’m glad she quitted.) and Michael Jackson -Headline Makerof the Year.

You might think I’m enjoying myself, but the fun part haven’t even started yet.

So flip another page, and there was a contest I must join asking which was my favourite Galaxie cover. Then, favourite albums of the year, those nominated that sent me squealing were Lady Gaga’s ‘Fame Monster’, Paramore’s ‘brand new eyes’ and Glee’s ‘Glee: The Music, Volume 1’. Glee. They never sell Glee in Malaysia. -dies-

But Galaxie knew Glee, that was for sure, cos that one day I tweeted to them:

@galaxiemag LOVE Glambert as the latest front cover!As usual, you guys rock epically.wondering if you guys heard about Glee (tv series)? ❤

And they even responded by:

@mayonnaise_face ZOMG! we totally dig glee… like, seriously. it’s not funny, ok?

So, posters time. I held my breath, turned the page…to find Kris Allen, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles staring at me. My first scream was Paramore’s, then Katy Perry, then Lady Gaga, then a louder scream: Chace Crawford. -dies again- Flip two more pages, and another scream: 90210. Hey Monday. 2010 Calendar. Taylor Lautner! Penn Badgley & Blake Lively! Ke$ha! SAOIRSE RONAN!? (She’s Susie Salmon in The Lovely Bones, which I’m reading btw. ❤ ) The next few pages had me skipping across, jumped a little at Boys Like Girls, The Saturdays and Cobra Starship (in firemen outfits!?) until I saw Bones and prayed, if only they had a Glee one… I hold on to that thought as I skimmed past Zac Efron, and WHAM!!


I wasn’t sure whether it was Glee at first, but the first person I saw was actually Terri, so that had me in hysterics already, screaming like a serious madman, hoping the neighbours wouldn’t hear me and mistake it for an emergency or something. But then my eyes caught the word Glee in a red banner and my voice rose a few more octaves higher. And then Puck, Quinn, Rachel, Finn, Mr Shue and the rest began to fill my vision and I wanted to kiss Galaxie before I fainted.

The next few posters I really liked were Pixie Lott, All-American Rejects, Owl City (…is a lone guy?), Selena Gomez, Lily Allen, Adam Lambert, Kristen Bell, Heroes, Orianthi (!), Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift.

It was one heck of an issue. Brilliant and genius rolled up in one perfect combination, overwinning even BLG’s Two Is Better Than One.

This post is dedicated to the Galaxie team for being such amazing and fantastic people I don’t think there are enough outstanding adjectives to describe their awesome-possum-ness.

I ❤ you guys! <33

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Michelle Teoh

26-year-old cynical Asian, book enthusiast and purveyor of fine sarcasm.

6 thoughts on “`Galaxie 1/1/10”

  1. hey michelle! thank you so much for dedicating your blog posting to us… we feel the love all the way here in shah alam! you’re simply too kind! once you put up the posters on your walls, don’t forget to twitpic us!

    galaxie team

    ps: seriously, is one copy of the bumper issue enough? LOL xoxo

  2. Thank you guys for commenting! ❤ I fail epically at tweeting, thus having no idea on how to twitpic you guys, but I will mention you guys a million times in my tweets if that helps. 🙂

    and maybe i need to conference with my parents about getting a second copy.

    /joke XD

  3. I wonder if my eyes are failing me, or whether I misread something but isn’t Gaga’s hair purple on the cover of the bumper issue?

    Anyways, nice post. It is always a privilege to read a blog as awesome as this.

    N, over and out.

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