Visit to the Orthodontist

It was a fine day today.

Wasn’t that a weird way to start a blog post? It was a fine day today. How cliched. I’ll change.

My day started freakishly.

I woke up at 7.30 am on a non-schooling day, and it made me want to hit myself, considering I went to sleep at 2am last night. So in the end, I took up 20 minutes just to dress myself and went down to face the shouts of my mother asking me to hurry up. What’s the big deal, you ask? The deal is, I’m going to Penang to attend an appointment with my orthodontist, and here, I’m pretty sure almost every Chinese school/form-mate of mine will know what I’m talking about, since my not-so-loud speech about me getting braces caught everyone’s immediate attention during Chinese period last week.

So, equipped with my travelling essentials of a book, mobile, mp3 player and purse, we set off for Uncle Guan’s house because he would be following us to Penang together to fetch Aunty Wendy who had arrived at Penang from a Singapore flight last night, to discuss family matters. So during the whole journey to the island, you would not believe what I spent my time doing. In between recesses of listening to All Time Low on my mp3, I was totally spazzed out by JJ and Ean’s ‘Pants On The Ground’ sitcom session. They were all:

JJ: Hey, Ean, you know what I like about American Idol? It brings out the worse in people.

And they start playing Pants On The Ground, performed by a 62 year old guy on AI.

Pants on the ground,
Pants on the ground,
Looking like a fool with your pants on the ground.

LMFAO, you guys. You’re not the only ones who have got POTG stuck in your head now.

The lovable morning crew.

Throughout the journey, they ran through all types of versions of Pants On The Ground, like ‘Boom Boom Pow’ and others, but those that really cracked me up were the versions of Mariah Carey’s ‘Touch My Body’ and Green Day’s ’21 Guns’. So it was like:

Touch My Body


Pants. On the ground. Pants On. The Ground. Looking Like A. Fool. With your. Pants on the ground.


21 Guns

First verse: Do you know that your pants on the ground. JJ’s pants are not on the ground. (can’t remember the rest.)

Chorus: Pants! Pants on the ground. Look at that clown. Pants on the ground.

Pants! Pants on the grooound. Look at that clown. Pants on the groooooooound.

So much for trying to interpret a song into words. /fail

Anyway, dad hurried to Looi Orthodontist cos we were late, but it turned out that we were early and had to wait for a wholly 40 minutes for the doctor, and during that period of waiting for him, we fumbled with the things on his desk, namely, my teeth model and x-ray.

So yes, don’t freak out at my yellow teeth. D:

And then he started explaining stuff about pulling four teeth from my upper and lower jaw. I went rigid. Like, FOUR. Butttttt, he said there was an alternative.

And that was slicing teeth.

Like that helped. But when I asked whether it was painful, he just smiled and launched into a speech about ‘sounds like pain but ain’t painful at all’. Well, at least that was helpful.

After that we drove to Uncle Hong’s kopitiam to fetch Aunty Wendy back to Alor Star, and she showed us pictures of Caitlin and Ian, my cousins in Singapore, who were all grown up and more matured. I was thrilled to see those pictures, especiallu after haven’t seen them for so long already. Later, we went to a market to buy some dry food from one of my relatives, then went to the hospital to visit a relative with cancer. Even though I’m not particularly close to Sah Cik, but I wish him the best of health and keep him in my prayers.

Then, we went to Queensbay Mall and of course, I went to Borders to search for Jasmine’s book. But, even after questioning the girl at the counter, she said they didn’t have it and I got The Almost Moon, a book by Alice Sebold, my latest favourite author, who also wrote the impeccably written The Lovely Bones which its movie, unfortunately, isn’t aired in Malaysia yet.

And we headed home afterwards, stopping by at Lot 7 for some ‘Oh-Jian’. ❤

It was a pretty eventful day, I must say, since I’ve been stuck at home for too long since the holidays already. Or maybe I just need to get away from my books for a while.

Gotta go to catch American Idol. Bye. ❤ 

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Michelle Teoh

26-year-old cynical Asian, book enthusiast and purveyor of fine sarcasm.

8 thoughts on “Visit to the Orthodontist”

  1. what type of braces did u opt for? have u put on it yet? I am very interested to know because I am considering braces myself. I was thinking of Lingual braces if possible….I have not done any consultation yet with any doctor.. but i was considering Prestige at Pulau Tikus or Adventist. But I may opt for Adventist as they have Lingual braces where else Prestige do not. Any advise / tips helps! Thanks.

    1. Hi Rose, I’ve had my braces for quite a few months now. I’ve heard of Prestige and Adventist too, but Looi’s been my first option. But I don’t know what Lingual braces are, so I’m not sure if Looi has them.

      I’ve changed my braces a few times now, you can see it my posts about my braces here (chronologically):

      Enjoy. 🙂

  2. Hi Michelle,

    You have great posts on you journey with braces.
    I’m just wondering, though, whether you experienced the end of the wires poking and scratching your cheeks at the back? That’s what I’m suffering from right now. Did you face that too? How did you get it over with?

    1. Hello 7drummers,

      Thank you! Fortunately, I have rare cases of poking-end wires, and when they do happen, they go away on their own rather quickly. I suggest you consult your orthodontist, because at every appointment I attend, the orthodontist would make sure there are no wires poking at the inside of my mouth before letting me go. I hope this helps!

    1. Mine cost RM4500 but it varies, depending on your own teeth alteration and all that. When I first went there they told me 2 years but it’s already been more than that so I don’t quite know, either.

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