The Little Pleasures

It has been quite a busy week ever since homework started piling high on my desk and my organiser was filled with uncrossed tasks to do by the subsequent day. There were school tuitions till four then continuous compulsory sports practice and tuition again late into the night that I almost fall asleep immediately as soon as my head hit the pillows. My calloused thumb’s pain is kicking in again, when it had sunk to the depths of my senses during the holidays. It’s only time when the peer pressure starts kicking in and late nights would play a role in my life. The thought of even opening my laptop seemed absurd, and unlike the phrase ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’, I realise I’m learning to solve my addiction to the Internet and everything in it. Just as long as I don’t lapse back to my previous eight-hour-long stare with my glasses on typing in front of the computer for the whole day, I should be okay.

Even though the starting of this year pretty much means sad sad sad, I managed to let myself enjoy the sporadic yet enjoyable pleasures throughout the week. First there was Chin’s birthday on Tuesday, and we managed to hold a surprise birthday party for her in school. I spent half an hour the previosu night in the middle of finishing my Sejarah notes to prepare a Twilight-themed card for her, which I’m pretty fond of. I inserted the card into two big brown envelopes with the scary-this-is-confidential-stuff look and told Chin it was a letter from the PK concerning PMR details. I really hoped she fell for it, but I doubt it much after my suspicious effort to not laugh out loud. Pei Fong called her mother to get a cake over and we sang a birthday song to Chin in the canteen, much to her horror, and our joy. I thought it was a pretty good party, despite being surrounded by 1/4 of the school’s student body, 1/2 of which we do not know at all.

Also, Theresa lent me My Sister’s Keeper this week too. Boy, was I surprised when Syifa came up the Form Three block stairs and held the book in my face. I was grinning the whole day and coerced myself into finsihing Magyk so I can get a start on the book. Thank you, 3sa. (:

Just yesterday, Thursday, my gang of peeps and I had the most epic and perverse convo at the school porch after school. I won’t say what we were talking about, because it should definitely be censored and rated, but I probably had the best moment of the week ever, laughing till tears were leaking from my eyes.

Thanks to the movie Zombieland, I’m starting to learn to appreciate the little pleasures of my life, no matter how short and brief they may enter my life. I just hope they’ll be enough to compensate for the remaining periods of my life.

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Michelle Teoh

26-year-old cynical Asian, book enthusiast and purveyor of fine sarcasm.

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