If You Believe

6 March 2010

I woke up terribly early this morning, around four or five, just to catch Hayley and the band at the airport. I was having mild jet lag from yesterday’s flight from Penang to S’pore and we reached Aunty Wendy’s house at about 10 at night. I was incredibly exhausted but spent the night raving on about Paramore with Caitlin in her room anyway.

I sprang up immediately when the alarm clock rang and I just couldn’t wait for things to slide into action. Uncle Richard drove Caitlin and I and Dad there. Mum wanted to sleep in, so. Caitlin wasn’t much of a Paramore fan but I convinced her to accompany me in the end. :p

I realised it was a school day for me in M’sia. And yet, I’d never wake up this early on a typical school day morning. Pfft. Figures.

So. Guess what? They never turned up. People were crowded in there but no sight of Hayley or the other band members.

They arrived at about 11.

Thank God I didn’t leave even though Dad wanted to send us back to the apartment already. Thank God.

Unfortunately that’s the best pic I could get of her. People were like walls who wouldn’t let me through. >.<

Fast forward.

Finally, the effing night of the concert! /flails.

EPIC. That’s all I can say.





















{photos courtesy of thebreaklights && paraparamore. <3}

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