The End Of Another Season

I’ll admit, I got pretty emotional towards the end of tonight’s American Idol finale. What with the producers’ effort to produce a memorable farewell event for Simon -which completely overshadowed the fact that it was, actually, the finale, where people are yearning to know who is the winner of the show, but honestly I’m not complaining- and the fact that Lee, that amazing beast has won, the finale was a pretty successful one.

Alright, so let me tell you my journey with the last few days of Idol.

To be honest, when Lee chose The Boxer to sing again, I frowned, because it was a known fact that Hallelujah was one of the most amazing renditions ever on Idol, and I thought that should be his choice. And then there was the fact U2’s Beautiful Day was chosen as his single. (Whose choice it was, Lee’s or the producers’, I have no idea.) It was pretty plain Crystal stole the limelight for the night, but I wasn’t wholly worried.

Remember the past two seasons?


Season 7: The Two Davids

Remember how -as my mother obviously loves to put it- David Archuleta crushed the other contestants on the final night? And everyone thought he would win for sure? Well, guess what? There was a landslide. David Cook won and my mum was horrified, literally.

(PS. What’s Michael doing to David Cook in that picture?)


Season 8: Kradam

…and the scenario repeats itself again. Everyone thought the mighty Adam Lambert was going to bag the thing, but it turned out to be Kris, the underdog, the black horse (it’s horse, right?) to win it. Look at him. He’s just as shocked as you were.

I call this curse the Underdog Curse.

So you see, I’m not exactly worried -well, that, and the fact that Tumblr’s already told me Lee’s the winner, but I’ve be(LEE)ved in him before that anyway so all’s good. Crystal was good sure, but IMO, just close your eyes and listen to her singing like that morning when JJ and Ean had her on the radio, her voice sounded irritating. Well, at least to me. Haterz gonn hatez.

Oh, shut up, you say. You’re not really giving a damn about who wins just because Siobhan’s not in the final two.

Well, you have got a point there.

Plus, let’s not deny that Lee has a huge fan base. He’s single, young, amazingly gorgeous -as if someone just threw David Cook and Kris Allen into a high-voltage blender and the product that was formed was the gloriously charming Lee Dewyze, looks- and voice-like.

I know I’ve said in one of my previous pro-Siobhan posts that Lee wasn’t going to make it, and I might sound self-contradicting and all, but y’all can’t deny Lee wasn’t the type of person to… speed it all at once. He went from this okay-so-so typical guy to someone with great, polished vocals, and he has himself to thank for that.

So, in the end, the underdog wins again.


… and there you go, the Underdog-Wins-Expression.

Night, folks.


{last two pictures courtesy of fuckyeahleedewyze on tumblr.}

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