The Best Surprise Ever

I know, I know, it’s only the fifth of June, still four more days left to my birthday. Well, guess what? That’s exactly what I thought too.

So that day, I came back from school, so utterly tired and grumpy because of the fact that I still had to go to school on a public holiday and made plans to stay at home to Tumble all day. But no, Dad wouldn’t have that. He said we were having lunch outside, and as much as I hated to get my butt off the chair. We had lunch at Wah Tua Guan, which was actually a first, since we avoided expensive meals at all costs, but I wasn’t bothered.

Later, Dad brought us to Aunty Josephine’s shop because I thought I heard Mum say a few days ago that she needed to pass some things over to her. I refused to come down from the car at first but Mum forced me so I had no choice.

Incredulous, really, when my Mum told Aunty that “she hadn’t snapped pictures of her shop for so long already” and I was like, what? Why the hell did you bring your Nikon in, Mum? But then Aunty Josephine insisted on pulling me along to “see her new massage room” and I was like, “Er, okay” so I followed her and


So like, everyone started to yell “Happy birthday!” and stuff and I was just like, OH MY GODDDDD. And then I realised there were so many people there! Jia Yuan was the first one I saw, then my friends who I haven’t met for eternity, Yi Jing, Jou Wen, Chia Shin, Sin Shiun, Zhao Xian, (Angeline came a little later), Wei Xing, Vincent, Ooi Zhen and Lian Kai. I didn’t even know what was really happening until I saw cake and food and balloons and then I started to laugh and cry at the same time. Next thing I knew, Wei Xing passed me his phone and everyone was wishing me happy birthday at the same time.

And then, oh, they’re throwing me an early birthday bash.

Apparently, it’s because Yuan had to go to SUKMA for the next week and she had held this party just for me. :3

Everything went smoothly and amazingly, better than anything I’ve ever expected. Well, mainly because I hadn’t expected anything. Can you believe it? All the clues were lay out for me, so obviously, and I missed it. Dad forcing me to get out of the house, the basket with ‘happy birthday’ serviettes at the backseat of the car, Mum forcing me out of the car, and even that time when Boo Chian told me he couldn’t come to my birthday party through MSN once. I guess I had suspected something, just not today.

There weren’t many things we did later afterwards, apart from catching up with each other’s lives, opening presents, playing musical chairs and eating. The boys played poker so we left them be.

We left at around 6, feeling exhilarated and extremely high. It was the best surprise party I could ever have.

And it isn’t even the 9th of June yet!

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