I suppose I should start this post with a recount of last night first.

I couldn’t sleep last night. It wasn’t as much as finding it hard to sleep than waking up at 3 in the morning and couldn’t go back to sleep because you’re paranoid over everything, including those shadows on your wall. So I got up, dragged a mattress from the guest room, and slept at my parents’ room without them knowing. I guess you can pretty much blame how worked up and nostalgic I got when I finished the last book in the Percy Jackson series last night. I’m still finding it hard to accept the fact that Rick Riordan is refusing to create a sequel to the series.

The moment I woke up, my mum started asking me why I was here and I just kept quiet. Then we headed off to Penang.

It wasn’t an eventful trip, but it was basically like everything that was happening in my life. I studied Sejarah a little while waiting for my turn and I panicked a little because I haven’t been wearing my bands full time like I was told to. But the doctor didn’t say anything except that he added two ‘strings’ to my bottom row of teeth this time, which is making things difficult for me. Otherwise, I now only have to wear my bands part time, which is as good news as I could get.

Later, we wanted to go to Queensbay Mall but Daddy took a wrong turn so we ended up at Jusco Bukit Mertajam instead. Other than wandering around in Popular for a few minutes, I spent the whole time reading The Perks of Being a Wallflower, which is pretty dang rad, especially since I was picturing Charlie as Logan Lerman the whole time, mainly because I still couldn’t get over this Percy Jackson obsession and also because he was rumoured to star alongside Emma Watson in the movie. It would be very cheesy and desperate to say I can relate to Charlie, but that’s the truth.

I ended up almost finishing the book in almost a day. I’m up to the part where Patrick gave up the role of Frank N Furter now.

Oh I also had my lunch at a Korean restaurant.

I guess that pretty much sums up my day. I wish someone could get me all books in the Percy Jackson series because I’ve only borrowed all of them from Joey. I’d trade in all 4 Twilight books and 4 House of Night books for the complete set, if anyone’s interested?


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