A Deathly Fun Night Indeed

(Note: I actually had a nice good and long post written on my phone with this very same title but my phone suddenly crashed on me and everything went kaboom so sorry if I keep this short because I am about to tear my hair out in frustration.)

I know in the previous post I said “Three More Days”, and I apologise for my ignorance. The problem was, no one knew it would be released so early in Malaysia (what with us being so outdated and all) except for Elya and Effie whom I heard from was watching the movie on the 17th since it would be out for them in KL on that date. I was positive Alor Setar was a slacker but out of curiosity, I checked the Alor Setar Mall cinema showtimes and was surprised to find “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1” on the list. I immediately rang up Jia Yuan, still couldn’t believing that yes, I am actually going to watch DH earlier than any other country in the world, only to find that she knew it way earlier than I did. I didn’t have much time to prepare for my adrenaline and excitement, since it was 4pm when I rang Jia Yuan and the movie started at 6pm.

There weren’t many people when we reached the cinema, which was pretty surprising since I knew it would have been packed in other countries like what Ellie and Luisa said (ah the Potter spirit us Malaysians show!) but I reckon not many people realise that we have an early release date as oppose to the scheduled worldwide release date on the 19th.

I knew I started squealing as soon as I saw the Warner Brothers logo. And after that, there wasn’t much coherent thinking except squealing and finger-biting and laughing and crying and feeling happy, finally getting what I’ve waited hopefully for for months. I sincerely apologise to those sitting around me for constantly blabbing out spoilers like “Hedwig dies”, “George loses an ear”, “Fred dies in Part 2”, “Bathilda is actually Nagini”, “Xenophilius betrays them”, “Dobby dies” etc.

Oh I’m sorry for ruining the surprises for those who haven’y watched the movie yet. But honestly, it would be best for everyone to read the book first before watching the movie. It isn’t that hard, is it?

One downside of watching the movie in the cinema: having people walk up and down the aisle every 5 minutes. What is wrong with you people, this is the final Harry Potter movie. I wouldn’t have left my seat to go to the loo even if I drank two cups of Coke, because it is the most important movie you will ever see.

But then again not everyone is as mad as I am.

I admit there wasn’t much action in this movie, and it was quite boring to be fairly honest, but I was happy because Yates succeeded in doing something not all the other HP movie directors managed to do: being elaborate, because honestly, I wouldn’t have liked it one bit if too many scenes from the book was cut. Every single detail was crucial to make the movie a masterpiece, and Yates did it. He brought the book to life, instead of just making it into a movie.

Welp, at least I know the action-packed scenes are all in Part 2. The anticipation hasn’t ended, there is still the giant finale. WIZARD. LIGHTING. BATTLE.

If you didn’t get what I mean, your life must be sad. Click.

Oh, and


PS. May I add that Annie’s review of the movie is A+ and I would love to save it here forever.

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