These Soles Could Fight the Ocean Wave

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I’ve been at Mum’s shop the whole day, and I’ve also finished rereading all my Monster Allergy comics. I only have till Issue #21, and I really do need the rest. It’s a good thing the comics end at Issue #29, which means I’m not far off. I’ve asked Aunty Wendy to search for the remaining issues (#22- #29) in Singapore, and I hope she finds them, which would be a fantastic Christmas present.

So what I am still a kid.

Towards the end of my working day, something happened that possibly made my night a million times better. ‘I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing’ by Aerosmith came on the mall radio, and as I sang along to the song, a vague memory drifted into my head, and I remembered singing this song along with Lailati in school. Why the sudden oldies interest, you ask. It was American Idol fever around that month, and since Laiyy (and most of my classmates) were infatuated with 16-year-old teenage heartthrob Aaron Kelly (he performed Aerosmith that week), Laiyy brought lyrics to ‘I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing’ to school everyday and we would belt into song when the teacher wasn’t it class. I don’t really know why but that memory was really comforting, and made me feel warm inside. Westlife came on afterwards and it was truly an Oldies Appreciation Moment.

Right, my dog is now licking my face. He is such a spoilt dog.

By the way, I had my middle finger on my left hand slammed by the shutter gate at my mum’s shop and it hurts terribly. Now I have a reason to stick up my middle finger at all times.

NO, no I’m just joking don’t take me seriously.

Today is the 9th and I haven’t watched the Voyage of the Dawn Treader yet, which sucks. Maybe when Caitlin comes over we could watch it together.

Right, and now to explain who Caitlin is, if you don’t already know. Caitlin is my cousin from Singapore, and she’s coming on the 19th to celebrate Christmas with us! And to make things better, Chieny (surely you know her oh dear God) is coming tomorrow! She used to stay at my house a lot, and her mum worked at my mum’s shop, but they moved to KL around last year, I think, and even though I was pretty much a bully to her, I miss her oh so much. I am so glad she’s coming tomorrow. She would be jumping with joy at the sight of Heart, I am sure.

Chieny & I.
This was so long ago oh my God.
Me, Ian, & Caitlin from when we were mere toddlers.
Ian, Caitlin, Por Por & I. So much love for this photo.

Last year’s Christmas was absolutely quiet. I think this year will definitely be better.

PS. I will get back to the remaining Open Topics, worry not.

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