Why Can’t You Figure Me Out?

Ever since that day listening to VersaEmerge randomly, I cannot stop listening to it daily and now it has gone from 80+ listens to 200+ listens on my Last.fm page and I take back what I said about Versa’s first album > Fixed At Zero. Both albums are brilliant, and Fixed At Zero is stellar. If you haven’t heard of VersaEmerge before, and still hadn’t tried to listen to their music after reading one of my previous posts, take 3 minutes to watch their official Fixed At Zero album.

(EDIT: Okay the video won’t work on here but click the ‘Watch on Youtube’ link okay? Okay.)

And this is the link to download their album. It’s free and won’t harm your computer, I promise. You won’t regret listening to their music. Plus, Sierra Kusterbeck is absolutely hot.

Whoring out music aside, I’ve been “busy” these few days tracing and cutting and pasting lyrics on my wall. I first got the idea from Savvy and here is a picture of her wall, even though her initial lyrics were from Break Your Little Heart by All Time Low.

Okay so, I spent 2 nights and this evening in my room and these are the results:

Steal my photos and I will slit your throat and feed them to hellhounds.

“OMG the artistic side of Michelle!”

I still don’t know what to do with the other side of my wall, I was thinking of doing the same as the Hufflepuff common room entrance (since I’m a Hufflepuff) but it’s a painting and I don’t paint so I crossed that idea out. And now I’m thinking of going with the plain “Michelle’s room” or I don’t know something witty and clever that my mind has yet to tell me. So if anyone has any free ideas please please tell me.

Alright, signing off.

Published by

Michelle Teoh

26-year-old cynical Asian, book enthusiast and purveyor of fine sarcasm.

6 thoughts on “Why Can’t You Figure Me Out?”

  1. This is wonderful, I’m stealing your idea for my uni room next year. I always do some different ‘art’ on the walls each year. Just don’t know what quote(s) I want to use.

  2. I need your help okay can you upload a picture of like . were you cut out picture from a magize and put the all over your wall / room ?

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