Fooled By Time


There is a memory that can never fade away from my mind, one that I like to occasionally pull from the back of my mind and cherish it. Jia Yuan and I were at the topmost floor of Sekolah Wawasan, back when we were in Standard Six. It was days until the then terrifying UPSR, and we were just talking, and we talked how time would fly by so fast, that after the UPSR obstacle, PMR will come for us soon, followed by SPM, and then we’ll be working, and then married, have kids, grow old, and finally die. It seemed just yesterday this happened. Then again, everything seems like it has happened “just yesterday”, isn’t it?

I’ve decided three posts about my help-me-I’m-in-a-dilemma-to-choose-what-sort-of-person-I-want-to-be-in-the-future-and-everything-is-just-freaking-me-out posts is enough and I’m going to stop with my whining for today. Just today. Instead, let me tell you about my first encounters with upper form subjects and using my brain for homework for the first time in three months.

Last night I had Chemistry tuition, and honestly I thought it was okay. Modesty aside, out of 25 questions I even only got three wrong. Most were solved by common sense and really lucky guessing, I admit okay, because honestly how am I supposed to know what a monosodium glutamate is at first sight? (Yes I now know it’s MSG thank you very much.) But still, I feel more relieved than anything else. I just had Add Math tuition just now, and lo and behold, I thought it was pretty easy. Of course, it’s only the first chapter, but still, I expected a slaughter, not flowers and rainbows. I know you’ll say “Well, it might be flowers and rainbows now but it’ll be literal manslaughter next” I know that thank you very much again.

On a more positive side, Heart is fully well! Although there isn’t really a cure for parvovirus, all symptoms are gone and the vet has declared him safe for now. I haven’t carried or really touched him for about a week now, and getting to carry him today put a real big smile on my face. Even though he’s never really left me and vice versa, I’ve missed him so much, and it feels really good to have him in my arms again.

I don’t need a boyfriend, I have a dog.

Nothing to report in school, the talks given today doesn’t really affect me that much, but I will say this though, for once, my ignorance, indifference, cold, unfriendly & anti-social attitude actually paid off. I won’t say a word about what I’m actually talking about because my lips are sealed, but I can’t believe the socially awkward penguin in me has actually given me an advantage in this situation, tipped the odds in my favour. What a wonder.

I don’t know if this is turning into one of those 365 blogs. I don’t want it to be like that but I can’t help coming home and preparing to write something, anything in here. The beginning of a new year is always full of new surprises and interesting events (well interesting to me anyway) so this should wear off eventually when I actually get busy and lazy.

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