Hufflepuff Colours: Yellow/Brown

I look like such a dope, pardon me.

Today I woke up at the hours of a school day, because Uncle Lim was fetching Kai Li and I to Penang to get our braces done and her appointment was at 9 am. It was pretty bare in the waiting room when we reached the clinic, which is something I don’t see everyday. I waited for about an hour, then went in for no more than three minutes and I was done. That was by far the quickest appointment ever. After Kai Li was done, we had a pre-lunch at KFC and went shopping for a while at that shopping mall where there was the huge Popular sale the last time I went there (remember?) but we didn’t get anything because well, frankly there was nothing. When we reached Alor Setar, Uncle Lim dropped me off at Si Pek’s house and at around 4 we went to Tesco for a bit and then to Kuala Kedah, where Dad & Mum were fetching Ah Kong back to. Right after that we rushed home because I had Accounting tuition. I got back home and watched American Idol (btw I’m sorry but I cba writing an AI review every week now since it’s getting so bleurgh but I’ll mention some favourites from time to time) and the remaining parts of Small Soldiers and here I am, waiting for the Skins S5 first episode to finish buffering (so excited) while listening to A Fine Frenzy.

The Chinese New Year mood just isn’t existent right no, thanks to my school and the situation Ah Kong is in. On a more positive note, Xiao Ku & Joshua are coming back tomorrow and I’ll be getting my Mortal Instruments series.

Also, watch out for my next post. I’ve been saving it up the whole week for tomorrow. It’s going to be super-awesome.

PS. Thus, this colour combination means the end of my Hogwarts houses colour choices.

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Michelle Teoh

26-year-old cynical Asian, book enthusiast and purveyor of fine sarcasm.

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