The Eisenfield Fandom


Click photo for sourceJesse Adam Eisenberg & Andrew Russell Garfield

This pairing is honestly the only pairing I am shipping so hard/makes me so happy these days. I don’t care what you say, it exists.

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“It’s very nice to be a part of something that’s been received this well, although it just kind of sets you up for a great disappointment later in life. It’s strange to meet people who are very recognizable in a way where they’ve also seen me in something. Every time you see somebody you’ve seen in a movie, it’s a little strange. You’re seeing them in a different context.”Jesse Eisenberg

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“Acting came from me being depressed. I was a gymnast and swimmer until 13. Then I gave sports up and started naval gazing. I needed something to keep me afloat, so my parents suggested acting classes. I took them and a very encouraging teacher suggested I could make a career out of it. As soon as that happened, I felt some kind of purpose.”Andrew Garfield

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“My therapist says that I should watch my films because you have to treat it with respect. The more people say nice things about me, the more I feel it’s false. Or the more I look for the things that are bad about me, and think those are the real ones. I could overhear somebody say something about me, and it destroys me for weeks. Yet I could win an award or hear nice reviews and it feels meaningless. I’m able to manipulate things into being bad, which is not a healthy way to live but that’s where I am now.” –Jesse Eisenberg

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“My connection with Jesse… I could talk about that for days and weeks and months and years.”Andrew Garfield

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“My life is basically just feeding and cleaning cats… and then I get to be the sexiest geek alive. It’s a real blast.” Jesse Eisenberg

Never have I seen such a great bromance without the ‘b’.

You know some of those times when the ultimate joy in life is seeing your favourite actors/singers/celebrities everywhere and your horrible mood brightens instantly? Exact same scenario here.

Thanks to you Jesse Eisenberg, I have never squealed so much watching yesterday’s episode of Saturday Night Live on livestream. Well, apart from this year’s Golden Globe Awards but that was also thanks to the Eisenfield action throughout the whole show. And thanks to Andrew Garfield, I am actually anticipating the release of a Spiderman movie and might actually like this Peter Parker for once.

How lucky is Emma Stone to bag both guys as her love interest in two movies?

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