Photoblogging: How To Write Less Words and Make Your Post Look Awesome at the Same Time

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What a horrible title to come up with at 11.16 pm. It’s like a cross between trying to be witty and trying to impress others, which, obviously, fails on both parts.

But oh well, here we go. Just choosing a few random shots I can find on Facebook or my folders and reminiscing. Excuse the photos’ quality because as you know I am not a paid or professional photographer and my phone will have to do most of the time.

(Top) Me & Pei Fong; (Bottom) Yu Han, Jia Yee & Yuen Ming

To be honest, this is the photo that made me want to write this post. We’re missing a few members here, but I think it’s quite clearly implied that this refers to all of 3 Asma.

I had the best school year ever in Form 3, and it’s really all because of this class and the members in it. Contrary to the popular belief that “Form 3 is hell” (which actually applies to all of us in the beginning but not so towards the end, and by the end I mean nearing PMR, admittedly) I actually had the time of my life studying with my favourite people, all in the same class. Remember that biscuit tupperware (which is always prepared full) we always had ready in case we got hungry? Remember trembling in our socks whenever it was Geography period? (That’s kind of a lie…it applies to early in the year as well.) Remember all the smiley faces we drew on each other books? (And that’s thanks to you, Pei Fong!) Remember the bengkel trips? Remember that word-linking game that I still kept in my test pad until this year? Remember feeling all giddy and excited whenever it was English because Teacher Zarina is awesome and there is always something to laugh about during her class?

Those were fabulous memories. 2010 was supposed to be a stress-inducing year for all of us but I can actually the opposite; I think we’ve had years 2010 and 2011 reversed.

All of you were great, and thanks for making 3 Asma such a wonderful class to study in and thank you all for being such great friends.

Ai Chen, Jia Wen, Jia Yuan, Xin Thing, Me & Jia Ying

These photo sequences are basically jumping everywhere, because this is the night when we welcomed 2010 with bangs and binges. Before midnight, we went to Tesco to get all this junk and even got Jia Yuan and myself matching T-shirts, which is great because now we have countless similar clothings in our wardrobes up to this day. Basically all we did was eat, because apart from the tidbits my mum even made herself busy in the kitchen and we watched TV, waiting for the countdown and later had the traditional “THREE! TWO! ONE! HAPPY NEW YEAR!” and there was a lot of back-slapping, congratulating, laughing, more eating, wine-drinking etc etc. That was also the day when Jia Yuan and I looked at each other and said dreadfully, “It’s the start of Form-neverending-tornadoes-and-windstorms-Three.”

An attempt to imitate Jack Sparrow…which ends in failure, obviously.

Wow okay I don’t look too flattering in this photo. But it stirs such a great memory it would be a shame not to post it.

Sa Pek and Aunt Susan dropped by from England and we went on a fishing boat, to, well, fish. You’d think that being the daughter of a son of a fisherman and having regular visits to Kuala Kedah almost every weekend would make me familiar with fishing boats and fishes and jetties, but this is actually the first time I’ve been on a real fishing boat. The first time we actually went to the middle of the sea during sunset and attempted to fish using the very old and traditional way that involves the usage of strings and a plastic bottle.

And guess how many fishes we caught? It’s not hard to guess since the digit begins with the letter ‘Z’.

(Top) Ji Lie, Ji Xun, Zi Kang, (oops), Angeline's brother; (Middle) Chin Jie, Chang Sheng, Me, Jia Yuan, Shiau Kang, Angeline, (Bottom) Jacob, (oops), Aaron, Joviel


This was the trip home from Seremban, and this photo was taken at one of the R&R stops. I went to NSCFL Camp that year and yes I did enjoy myself there that tears were actually shed on the last day. It was a really impactful camp not to mention awesome, what with the addition of all us awesome Alor Setar folks as well. Given the chance, I’d love to go to another year of NSCFL, but somehow finding time (even during the holidays) seems like a great chore nowadays.

Okay this is embarrassing, but the only people I know in here are Jia Yi, myself, and my teacher, the first three at the very top row.

I honestly cannot remember when this photo was taken. Um…2009, judging by the existence of my fringe? Sze Chan Music Centre organised this CNY-themed concert at Taman Budaya (wait was this during CNY I am confused and forgetful but let’s just pretend that it is) and no, this isn’t my violin teacher. She is a violin teacher in Sze Chan as well, but she recruited me into her “team” of violin members because there weren’t enough performers. I had a great time, really, because all the songs we performed were absolutely great (we had Oliver Twist & My Fair Lady songs how great is that) and I was happy with the performances. There isn’t much to add here, except that this teacher is also a BAMF because she took us to KFC once after a practice session. That is kind of cool for Alor Setar standards.

And so, to end this photoblogging post, I give you a very old and embarrassing photo of myself:


The moment I saw this tagged photo I snorted so loudly and forcefully a booger actually flew right out of my nose. Okay, I’ll go ahead and guess this was taken when I was 13.


I mean, look at that face. So cute and innocent, just like the puppy in her arms, Hiro.

Because both the girl and the dog look absolutely different now. I think we can agree that we have both become more vicious. Or more moody, whichever you like.

This has been such a fun journey, isn’t it? It’s good to laugh at embarrassing old photos.

I would also like to dedicate this post to Sasha, and I hope this makes you feel better. I love you.

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  1. The photo-blogging is a good idea, it helped me work out you were in Malaysia! 🙂 I’m in England – but have student friends in China. I hope you keep writing and posting photographs.

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