Are We Really Going?

18 December 2010 (Tunisian Revolution) – now

Riots & uprisings in the Middle East (Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Tunisia, Yemen etc)

Total death toll: 6,700-10,700 [source]

22 February 2011

6.3 Earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Total death toll: 161 [source]

December 2010- February 2011

Floods in Queensland, Australia; Cyclone Yasi ensues.

Total death toll: 35 deaths, 9 missing [source]

11 March 2011

8.9 Earthquake in Sendai, Japan; Tsunami ensues, also affecting nearby Asian regions.

Total death toll: more than 600 dead, 700 missing [source]

What is happening to the world right now?

Mother Earth is majorly pissed at us, that’s what. At the rate all these disasters are happening, I wouldn’t have been surprised if natural disasters start occurring once a month. Humans are getting more and more aggressive and self-seeking, not stopping or even hesitating in the slightest at every chance to reap the Earth of its resources that she cannot take it anymore; and now she’s fighting back. She’s fighting back and we’re suffering the consequences. It’s this huge, natural cycle that starts leading people to think about The End, as in the Apocalypse.

This is what I think: it may or may not be the apocalypse (I personally don’t believe in 2012, but my paranoia is giving me doubts) but at the rate things are going, the Earth certainly doesn’t need an apocalypse to rid itself of its inhabitants, and we certainly don’t need one to realise our faults in this! It’s like having Mother Earth flashing signs everywhere saying, “See? This is what you’ve made of me!” And us humans are guilty, oh so very guilty indeed. It is time to act, in a way where we must stop what we are doing, to put down all our axes and chainsaws and oil tanks and realise how each of our action is harming the Earth.

I feel helpless, because I am nothing, a speck of dust among the many other influential and all-around powerful politicians and leaders of our country, our world, and people are already pointing at my post, saying, “Shame no one gives a damn about what she thinks and what she writes because she is just a kid,” and yes, I can’t stop people from cutting down trees and I can’t stop factories from flowing their chemicals into the river but I promise, I will do everything I can to, for lack of a better and less-clichéd word, make the world a better and cleaner place, so why don’t you join me as well? Save energy when you can, protect the environment at all costs, these are the actions we can afford, but it’s better than nothing. It shouldn’t take all these disasters (or more) to realise our mistakes and actually do something, but there you go. We are humans, filthy hogging humans, and we need to stop being egotistical and ungrateful creatures. I am aware this is just falling on deaf ears but it’s 1.49AM and I am feeling passionate and vehement and this might or might not be the aftereffects of late night bingeing or just lack of sleep. Delirious or not, my intentions are true so you, yes, you reading this post, know that it is up to only us, us destroyers, to make a change for the better for the world we live in, so do your part and spread the word.

This is a video I found of an inspiring 12-year-old from Brazil who addressed delegates from all over the world in a United Nations assembly concerning the issues we face, fighting for her rights as a member of the younger generation. You should watch it, it’s people like this that make me still harbour hope for humanity.

Link of the day: world statistics updated in real time. This site never fails to blow my mind, it shows the neverending growth of our world socially and economically and makes me realise how fast our lives are speeding right in front of our eyes.

Lastly, my prayers to everyone who suffered in the Sendai earthquake and following tsunami. There is just…no words, to describe the horror our world is facing right now.

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Michelle Teoh

26-year-old cynical Asian, book enthusiast and purveyor of fine sarcasm.

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