Michelle Teoh = Socially Handicapped Abomination

You write your snide bullshit from a dark room because that’s what the angry do nowadays.

-Erica Albright

All I ever do is write, write and write and whilst I have many opinions, when it comes to the moment when I have a chance to voice out, I keep quiet because I am just so afraid and even if I do speak out, my words come out in stammers. It’s like what people say to me all the time, you’ll die in the outside world, and I don’t doubt them at all, because no one expects anything from a socially inept nuisance like me.

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Michelle Teoh

26-year-old cynical Asian, book enthusiast and purveyor of fine sarcasm.

4 thoughts on “Michelle Teoh = Socially Handicapped Abomination”

    1. Self-consciousness and the inability (or perhaps lack of courage) to speak up. Fear of people’s negative reactions and rejections. Probably also the way my mind goes blank whenever facing a crowd.

  1. Then you gonna have to overcome that obstacle by learning to summon up all your courage and speak your mind. You definitely proved to be a promising,talented and sophiscated girl with so much to share to the world. Would you want to allow “fear” to be the only hurdle to stop you from so many great things? Do you want to deprive yourself to far more things that you could ever imagined that a world has to offer? Sometimes, I admired small children. Why? Because the term “fear” (metaphorically) does not exist in them. Just an illustration, when a baby is just starting to learn how to walk, and in the event of falling down on the floor and feeling grumpy,unhappy,unsatisfied and add on to the physical inflicted pain on their bums or hands,you find that after somewhile( pouting or even crying), they would find their way either clumsily,awkwardly,disorientatedly to stand up by themselves again.Thats the best thing that could have happen in a child! They keep trying and trying until they’ve done it. IF they were to allow “fear” to stop them from trying again, then they will don’t be able to learn to walk anymore. And applying it to the real facts situation, now that we’ve grown up and be more self-consious, we realise that the only , ONLY biggest obstacle that we encounter is ” FEAR”. So, don’t let fear to hold you back or run your life. Have faith and before you know it, you are already doing the impossible. Girl, do STAND up and SPEAK your mind,don’t let your talent to be wasted. You are MORE than you think you are. Embrace life! LIVE!LOVE!ENJOY! 😉 Take care

    p/s: just ponder upon your blog today. have great pleasure visiting it. write more! 😉

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