Pink & Black

As always, excuse my dopey face.

Today started off with a diary entry early in the morning that goes like this:

“Why? Why do you feel the need to hurl your brain out of the window at 8 o’clock in the morning? What horrible thing has happened? Please enlighten me.”

It could be an incredibly amazing thing (or dream, to be more precise) or a terribly horrible one. Incredibly amazing from a self-absorbed, conceited angle; terribly horrible from a realistic angle. Let’s just say that it is a great dream nonetheless because I am conceited and despite the fact that my dream will have zero chance of ever coming true, it truly is a great dream which I will not tell all of you here because it is extremely personal and I have only jotted it down in my diary.

Right, so  my morning got chaotic just because of that one dream and a couple of tweets. Then, off to Penang I go to change my braces.

Before I continue, might I also add that I added the sentence “THE DAY OF PREMONITIONS!!!!!!!!!!” in the entry above before signing off and boy, how right am I. (See, that is already a premonition in itself.) Well, okay, maybe not exactly premonitions in its contextual definition, but it was a sort of positive version of “freaky Friday” day without “soul-changes” etc.

I really should just stop trying so hard to explain my day and just say it as it is, shouldn’t I?

Well I had Katy Perry on the radio all the way to Penang, green lights all the way to the orthodontics, an empty waiting room (as opposed to a usually crowded room), Pixie Lott all the way home, absolutely great time during the 3-hour choral practice session at school, and basically just how strong the dream affected me the whole day (it all points back to the dream, my brain really needs a brain therapist to differentiate reality from dreams). The only down side was the orthodontist took off the wires around the upper and lower molars and left a sort of “box” for both the upper and lower jaws and now the wire-less metal stubs are cutting my lips every time I speak and that is dreadful because the whole of next week and the week after that are “talk-non-stop” weeks where there is choral speaking and debates and debates again.

Can I just throw my schedule at you so you can sympathise with me:

  • 17th April- Friendly debate with SMK Jitra
  • 18th April- District level choral speaking competition
  • 22nd-29th April (dates depending on whether we make it to the octo-finals & finals)- Debate at HELP University
  • 9th May- Hari Anugerah Cemerlang
  • 11th May- Exam starts
  • Somewhere in June- Violin Grade 6 Exam
  • 19th-27th June- MCKK Youth Summit

<This is a sentence filled with whines and complaints.>

Oh, and Princess also gave birth to 6 puppies today:

As to why I got pink & black…I just wanted striking colours. That is the only reason I can come up with right now.

My hands are starting to ache, so this must be a sign that it is time for me to go (I’ve been away from the laptop for so long it’s almost unhealthy, even my typing skills are deteriorating).

Mayo signing off.

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