The event in which Michelle shows her true patriotic Kedahan spirit?

Ha! As if.

The reason why I got green/yellow braces today is to match my nail polish.

That is the reason why.

After that, Dad insisted we visit the Floral Exhibition in the Botanical Garden and I even made a DIY recycling bag for 15 Ringgit! An excruciating 30 minutes later, it turned out uglier than the one done by a 7-year-old sitting next to me, so I quickly left the booth and hid the bag in the car.

Random interesting incident of the day: We had lunch at a Japanese restaurant and Mum ordered mayonnaise pork so when her meal came the waitress said, “Mayo set?” and my Mum shoved the tray at me. It was hilarious at the time and my Mum tried to defend herself by saying, “Well, your name is Mayo!”

We went to Si Pek’s house yesterday (they just came back from England) and found out the pups are named!

Rocky (named by yours truly bahahahaha)

The other two black puppies who Mum didn’t take photos of are Zorro and Happy.

…that sounded racist, didn’t it?

Okay, bye.

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Michelle Teoh

26-year-old cynical Asian, book enthusiast and purveyor of fine sarcasm.

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