Neuvième de Juin

Thank you Yuen Ming, Pei Fong, Yu Han, Jia Yee and Hoi Chin for calling me at midnight to trick me into thinking you guys were really outside my house when you guys were actually on a bus on the way to KL, and for singing me a birthday song besides wishing me ‘happy birthday’ personally.

Thank you Laiyy for that 3-minute Skype session to sing me a birthday song and show me your room.

Thank you Sasha for the call and text updates all the way from KL so that I wasn’t truly alone.

Thank you David for that online party and everyone who participated in it (that means you CC and Daryl) until my birthday was truly over. Best virtual birthday party ever, might I add. And also the reason for the first smile I had on my face for the day.

Thank you Sasha and David for dropping by to give me a gift, even though it was raining and you guys were supposed to be heading for dinner. Thank you for the gift with the lovely letter as well.

And of course, thank you everyone for the wishes through Facebook, Twitter and texts which I personally thanked for, each and everyone of them.


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Michelle Teoh

26-year-old cynical Asian, book enthusiast and purveyor of fine sarcasm.

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