Drama Llama!

I didn’t know what I was putting myself into when I agreed to join this year’s drama competition. Let it be known that I’ve never watched, much less perform in, a drama. Hence, this is where my curiosity stepped in, mentally encouraging my conscience to “try out this shiny new thing!”, and so I did.

Introducing Rebecca Black Team/Team Friday! *

*Why the Rebecca Black-inspired name? BLAME JANNANEE. Because of her random bursts into Friday during practices, which often leads to a group sing-along.

Best director: Sasha Inez

Best drama mates: Aiman/Salami, Leea, Anum, Aina, Lutong, Sangeeta, Trish, Elis, Colleen, Anith, Kak Chah, Kak Massy and Jannanee.

Practice started the same time school holidays did. It went on every day, morning to evening, and although it was exhausting, the fun we had during and after these practices compensated for the vacation I never had during the holidays.

Fast forward the practices (because I’m lacking the creative juices in that department) to the 15th of June, the district-level drama competition, hosted by none other than our school. Some of the schools taking part in said competition were: Convent, KSAH, Keat Hwa, Agama Kedah, Teknik, Al-Bhukary, Sultanah Bahiyah etc. When it was our turn to perform, I had the worst jitters ever and had to beg for sweets from Farah, small bread pieces from Janet and water from Sangeeta because it was a barren wasteland down in the pit of my stomach.

After our performance ended, we took our seats and watched the other schools’ performances.

Aiman’s description of what happened pretty much sums up all of my feelings. “So okay, I watched other schools performed and they were good. And then, Convent came along. Gobsmacked. It was so good I almost cried.” Yes, they were truly so very good and it brought tears to my eyes. I looked around and saw mirrored expressions in the whole hall. And then it was Kolej’s turn and I laughed throughout their performance until my jaws got sore. I know we weren’t that bad and although I’ve been trying to be an ‘Optimism! Optimism!’ person, after watching those two drama performances, I knew all hopes of bagging the champion title was out the window.

I was right. Convent won the competition…but we came in second! And that was already good enough for me. Who cares who wins or loses as long as you have fun, right? Nah, not being a sour grape here. They really did deserve to win, and I had my fun; it was a win-win situation.

To everyone: You guys did great and deserve more than just a pat on your backs! You guys should be mighty proud of yourselves for doing something not everyone has the guts to do.

To the Asma drama team: Thank you guys for being awesome and just being the best drama mates a drama-newbie could ever ask for. And of course, thank you Sasha for being an amazing director, despite what you think of yourself. Managing fourteen rowdy and crazy teenagers must have been a hell of a task. You’re like a supermom. B-)

More photos here.

I’d imagined this post to be more interesting than it is, but it’s almost midnight and I have an assignment left to procrastinate over so, sorry.

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