The Forgotten and Faded


The human brain– God’s best and worst creation. Also the most confusing and frustrating organ in the entire human body.

Why? What did my brain do to generate this profound hostility I have towards it?

It dragged me through a very tiring and painful journey; picking up all the little sweet details along the journey of life, making me relive it over and over again, and then proceed to forget everything about it. It’s basically a hit-and-run, reaping everything that was ever beautiful from my memory.

But then I found out it wasn’t just me. Other people’s brains do that to their owners too. This generally applies to the whole human race.

I don’t want to forget. Simple as. I don’t want to forget. Neither do I want other people to forget. Because when people forget, memories fade, and when memories fade, people grow further, and when people grow further, friendships and relationships are sacrificed. In the end, everything falls into miserable piles of ashes, or worse, back to the way it was.

The thing is, how can things go back to the way they were after all that has happened? After all the delightful ups and depressing downs? After all the promises and tight bonds? How is it possible that all these wonderful memories can be forgotten and fade away just like that?

I blame the human brain.

I also blame life, and time. Things have a selfish tendency to move on, never staying put, always generating new ideas, people and experiences. Every day, something new always enters our lives, and they stomp out the old memories, or worse, old friends.

As normal as this seems, I don’t want this to happen. That is why I am still stuck in the first gear, still not moving on, still clinging on to what I hold dearly, because I know if I let go, I will forget everything and everyone, and soon apathy will replace passion and vehemence, and there will be no other way to rescue these precious memories from the solemn depths of my brain.

I want to remember. I want to live to a hundred years old and still remember every single detail of my life, so I will know it hasn’t gone to waste. So that I know my life hasn’t really been as worthless as I’d thought it to be. I want the very same for the people around me.

Here I am, weeping alone in my room over the forgotten and faded. Silly, I know. I need to stop thinking too much.

Published by

Michelle Teoh

26-year-old cynical Asian, book enthusiast and purveyor of fine sarcasm.

3 thoughts on “The Forgotten and Faded”

  1. Guilty, it is easier to move on, I do that fast. But it doesn’t that we can’t cherish those moments just because we know it has passed. This post makes me quite sad somehow rather, hmmmm.

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