Getting Down On A Weekend

How does one get down on a weekend (or Friday)?

I don’t know!

I spent my weekend with Soo May again. On Saturday, we went to The Curve where I finally completed my Christmas shopping. At night, we went to a Watch Awards show at Starhill Gallery and I saw Jimmy Choo and Sheila Majid with my own eyes!

After the event, we were stuck in a jam for an hour and missed X Factor. So we came home and watched Mean Girls until 2AM instead.

The next morning, we slept in late and after waking up, I watched The Lovely Bones. Hands down most tragic story ever. At 2PM, we attended the Piala Sri Endon Batik Competition at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre but left early because, well, it was boring. After all that, Soo May sent be back to San Ku’s house where a sudden change of plans happened: Sank Ku said I could go for the mini Starstruck! gathering at 1Utama. The gathering was held because the Form 5 Starstruckers had already arrived at KL and will be starting work tomorrow.

Seven out of twenty-three (right?) of us turned up: Alicia, Le Shea, Amanda, Wee Nie, Kyle, Ellora and I. When I met them, they were already halfway through dinner at New York New York Deli.

At New York New York Deli, this was what went down: when the bill came and everyone started to fork out their money to pay their part of the bill, chaos ensued (to quote Amanda, “We Starstruckers may be good at writing but we are certainly bad at math.” And also to quote Kyle, “This would make a good news article: The Woes of Eating Out With Teenage Friends.”) but it wasn’t until Kyle brought out his towers of coins that everyone started laughing. The reactions of the restaurant waiters were priceless. By the time we left the restaurant, they hadn’t even finished counting the coins yet. I think we were the loudest bunch in the restaurant.

After dinner, we went window shopping then had snacks at Chatime and Carls Jr. (where chaos also ensued during Amanda’s meat accident and Le Shea’s plea to the family at the table next to us to take a group photo of us; it seems that chaos ensue wherever we go) before everyone muttered their goodbyes and “see you”s. I’ve never felt so happy to be part of the Starstruck! family.

Amanda and Wee Nie. Copyright (c) Ellora Chua.
Alicia and Le Shea. Copyright (c) Ellora Chua.
Ellora and Kyle. Copyright (c) Ellora Chua.
Me and Ellora. Copyright (c) Le Shea.
Me and Le Shea. Copyright (c) Le Shea.
Alicia, Kyle, Ellora, Wee Nie, Amanda, me and Le Shea at Carls Jr. Copyright (c) Le Shea.
The towers of coins that made us grow abs from laughing too hard. Copyright (c) Ellora Chua.
This happened. Copyright (c) Kyle Chan.
This also happened. Copyright (c) Kyle Chan.

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