Are You Really Having A Happy New Year?

When people wish other people “Happy New Year!” do they really mean it? Are they really feeling happy when they do so? Are they really happy that a new year is here?

Because it’s pretty hypocritical that there are huge celebrations all over the world to welcome the new year. I’m pretty sure most people in the celebrating crowds aren’t even happy that a new year is arriving. It’s not even exactly a reasonable cause for celebration. Because after all the parties and celebrations, we stop rejoicing for a moment to realise that nothing’s changed. Nothing has gotten better. And yet we are celebrating it as if something good will happen every day. We wish each other happy new years but we all know it’s bullshit. What’s the point of wishing one a “happy” new year when you know it’s impossible to have a “happy” year? No matter what, shit will always happen to counter against these happy wishes. So really, what is the point?

If anything, New Year’s Eve should be spent introspecting and fixing paths for ourselves to take in the new year.

I don’t know. I’m not making sense. This frustration and crankiness is mostly due to fatigue and I’ll probably wake up tomorrow thinking that I’m being stupid now but I don’t really care. I normally wouldn’t post this kind of stuff here but Twitter is down and Facebook is the worst outlet possible to channel your emotions through so this will have to do.

You’re probably cursing my pessimism but I’m being honest when I say I don’t really have anything to look forward to in 2012. It’s just one of those moments when I’m too tired to even think. So I shall stop thinking. Yes.

Published by

Michelle Teoh

26-year-old cynical Asian, book enthusiast and purveyor of fine sarcasm.

3 thoughts on “Are You Really Having A Happy New Year?”

  1. Mich don’t worry, you’re only being practical.I don’t mean to be pessimistic either, it’s just that there really isn’t any meaningful reason to celebrate new year. Still, cheer up cuz you may never know that by the end of this year, you’d say ‘2012 is the best year ever’. Just like how you insisted saying PMR year was the best and then as it turns out 2011 was actually THE year. SMILE!

  2. It seems that you girls use the word “ever” until it has lost all meaning. What you girls should have said was “it was the best year of my life so far”. (Sound like Homer much?)

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