Come Take A Walk On the Wild Side

I don’t usually like seminars, even ones that get me feeling all motivated (because said motivation will eventually evaporate by the time I enter the car) but the one I just attended today was mighty good and fun. Two speakers from Inti College, Vincent Tung and Faris were invited to give a talk on résumé writing as well as the proper etiquette while sitting through an interview. Besides the fact that the topic itself had already piqued my interest, Vincent, the main speaker of the day, was incredibly charismatic and managed to engage most of the students in the activities, despite the fact that there were about 300 people in the hall so it was a pretty good talk and I say it was a pretty good talk because I didn’t find myself looking at the clock every few minutes or so.

One of the aforementioned activities was having each group select a member among themselves and proceed to write a résumé for her. And the picture above, ladies and gentlemen, is Aifa, Anum, Lela, Benei, Eel, Eah and Diana’s résumé for me.

Just to clarify some points:

  • “Mysterious (silent but witty)” was Aifa’s idea. It was also brand new information to me. I am witty?
  • “Loves blogging (First class blogger by WordPress 2012)” was an exaggeration. WordPress didn’t give me a first class blogger award or title. It was a blog hosted by WordPress but created by three bloggers that gave me the award, and it wasn’t anything official or verified (though I am thankful for the award, I really am).
  • “A great violinist (Grade 7)”. I’m no great violinist but thank you, Anum, for thinking so highly of me.
  • “Smart (Top scorer- first in the form since Form 1)” isn’t totally true. Not in Form 3. And I doubt in Form 4 too.
  • “Has a great sense of humour” was Benei’s idea. *weak laugh*
  • “Fantastic debater (awarded Best Speaker in HELP Debate Competition)” should be corrected to “awarded Best Speaker in one of the preliminary rounds in HELP Debate Competition”. The “glory” has been reduced.
  • “Has a thing for British people” is kind of irrelevant here but SPOT ON.

To the people in my life: YOUR LIVES HAVE BEEN LIES!

But the narcissist in me thinks it’s nice knowing what people think of you. Thank you, homeskillets, for the wonderful résumé.

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