Actually Still Alive Please

So I have been gone for a month. Wow, let me just get used to writing in this font because I haven’t been doing this for a month now.

The reason I have been gone for a month is your typical, hackneyed reason: exams.

During that one month, a lot of things have happened and one of them is this

despite everything I’ve done to not get myself emotionally invested in this stupid boyband because that’s all they are. Stupid stupid stupid foolish idiotic brainless imbecilic life ruiners.

I’m writing this post not because I’m already done with exams, but for the sake of updating and letting everyone know that I’m still alive and breathing and in the flesh and all that humanly stuff you humans do. Yes, yes I know exams are over all over Malaysia and the holidays are here but because of this massive headache I’ve been having since Wednesday, I had to skip exams and reexams are next week. Hospitals and clinics are the only places I’ve been going to these past few days and I’ve only just got a diagnosis which is that I have overtightened nerves at my temples because of stress or something like that. Haha. I could almost laugh at it because– stress. Pretty ironic if you ask me.

Okay, my head is still hurting a lot right now so I have to go. Bye.

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Michelle Teoh

26-year-old cynical Asian, book enthusiast and purveyor of fine sarcasm.

5 thoughts on “Actually Still Alive Please”

      1. Wonderful! I would like an email from you every now and again just to keep in touch if you don’t mind my friend. I also have a small favor to ask.

      2. Yes, of course. I still have a draft in my email in reply to your previous email, to be honest. I’m sorry I didn’t reply sooner though, a lot of things were happening. And what is that favour of yours?

      3. Michelle, I love your posts and I would like you to guest post for me. I do know you are very busy, but I will explain more in the reply email!

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