Crisis Week Day 7: Making A Mark

Crisis Week Day 7 aka the last day of Crisis Week! YAY!!!

Don’t get me wrong, it has been quite a fun week, and it made me more aware of my surroundings in my search for interesting topics to write. Aside from that, it also helped to kill my procrastination (ONLY towards blogging, however) because it felt like I held a responsibility towards you guys. I have failed to carry out so many previous projects of mine that I shudder to think what people would think of me if I failed this one again.

So, today, in conjunction of the last day of Crisis Week, I’m going to do something I’ve never done before, which is to post my SPM trials marks on my blog. And, drum roll…

 (I have no idea why it looks so blurred when I post it but click on the picture for a bigger view)

One of the reasons why I never did that was because I was afraid of being called arrogant or a show-off for that. Let me tell you why this isn’t so. First off, I understand these aren’t the best marks in town. They aren’t even straight A+s. There are people out there who did better than me. Heck, I don’t even know if I’m going to be first in form this time again. But what I do know is that I myself think they aren’t quite bad. In fact, this is the first time I’ve ever truly been happy with my own results. I’m not entirely satisfied because of the 2As, but I’m happy with it, and I’m happy that my efforts have not gone to waste. Please know that I didn’t post this to make anyone feel inferior, or to make myself look superior to anyone else. I’m not, I am aware of that. I’m just…very happy, and I want to show it to the world. One day, I want to be able to look back through my high school posts and remember this moment, this moment in which I worked hard and got what I wanted, and I hope this will serve as a source of motivation for future Michelle if she ever feels the walls closing in. In which case, hello future Michelle if you’re reading this, I hope you recognise your own efforts and don’t you dare feel bitter if you can’t achieve things on as great a scale as your previous achievements. Remember how you craved for imperfection? This is it. This is human.

So that is all for today, I hope you enjoyed this week of my WordPress Mid-Life Crisis Week as much as I did. Just a little update: from next Monday till Thursday, I will be heading for Dusun Minda Resort at Kuala Nerang in the middle of the woods for a 4-day-3-night study camp, or as Aifa put it, cram school with no (gasp!) Internet. Weirdly, I think I’m quite looking forward to it. Let’s see what happens when you put 180 rowdy teenage girls in the middle of a forest for four days.


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8 thoughts on “Crisis Week Day 7: Making A Mark”

  1. ahah, finally something real positive from crisis week lol
    i’ve never been one to condone grades and the belief in their supreme almightiness, but… GOOD JOB MICH!
    if it makes it shinier, mine were never anywhere close to these. ever. :p
    keep the drive, and look forward to the big adventure ahead!

  2. You deserve this great result Mich. You’re in a different league. And I wanna read your essay too (referring to your previous post). And lets head to Cramp School! wohoooo!..or not haha

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