Update Update

The only way to read that title is to read it in the tone of Alex Day’s Stupid Stupid song.

Anyway, this post is precisely what the title implies, an update on what has been going on in my life so far. Before you say it, yes YES I know I haven’t updated this blog at all since the start of this year but to be fair, I have been vlogging.

Yeap, that’s right, I got myself a new job (not vlogging) and a new hobby (vlogging) while I was away from the blogosphere.

I was hired by Popular (the franchise at Star Parade) as a cashier and it’s currently my third week working there now. In a nutshell, it started out very intimidating but I slowly made a couple of friends and adapted to the system and safe to say I’m quite possibly enjoying myself there. And now, because I’ve already mentioned the vlogs I’d made for the past few weeks, I will link you to them so I don’t have to elaborate anymore:

And that is all, unfortunately. Halfway through last week I got lazy and went on a vlogging hiatus again. It’s like they say, once you start, you never stop, but when you stop, you stop for real. Yes I made that up.

Moving onto the second part of this post, which is admittedly the main reason why I decided to resume blogging after having procrastinated for so long, which is this: Lifescouts.

Yet again we touch on the topic of Alex Day where he was the one who came up with this fantastic idea:

In case you’re too lazy to watch that video, Lifescouts is basically a project where Alex comes up with various badges of achievements, which, just like boy/girl scouts, you get to claim as your own if you’ve ever accomplished any of the achievements listed on the website, provided you give a backstory to the aforementioned achievement and share it with everyone else. And that’s what I wanted and am going to do here.


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