Bath-ing In Sunshine


First of all, yes I am aware I have been MIA for quite a few days but fear not for you have not missed much. The morning after I got back from Amsterdam, Sa Pek and Aunty Sue, who had been in the United States for two weeks, picked me up at Kenzie’s apartment and it was a two-hour drive to their home in Bath. To be specific, it wasn’t exactly in Bath. It was in Wiltshire, somewhere near Bath. Yes, it is a farm. Yes, it is huge. Yes, there are many houses inside the farm.

We didn’t do much on the first day as Sa Pek and Aunty Sue were busy people but I also met Grandma, Aunty Sue’s mother, as well as my cousins Richard and Sapphire, who were as busy as their parents. My uncle runs a wooden furniture business and operates a shop and restaurant business called Teohs in Bristol. (Yes, the very same Teohs Restaurant that Benjamin Cook once visited and tweeted about to his other YouTube famous friends.)

The second day, Aunty Sue took me for a short drive in her convertible around Castle Combe, a very nice and traditional English village where the movies War Horse and Stardust were filmed at. It was a complete antithesis to busy London, much like being teleported from year 3008 to year 1856. It was a huge contrast between city and countryside.

Today, we drove to Chipping Sodbury and went grocery shopping at a local store called Lidl (much like Asda, Walmart, Tesco etc) and had lunch at a pub called The Dog’s Inn (I’m supposing you’re getting the vibe of the Bath villages now, right?). Some of the hobbies I’ve picked up here is watching Suits (I love being hooked onto a new TV series!!!) and reading the A Song of Ice and Fire series books (I love being hooked onto a new book series!!!).

Did I mention that the English weather since I’ve been in Bath has been absolutely wonderful? Not a single grey cloud and not a single raindrop. Just sunshine and more sunshine.

Also, I’m meeting Sakina for the first time tomorrow at Bristol! Yay!

This is Sabre, Aunty Sue and Sa Pek's Rottweiler
This is Sabre, Aunty Sue and Sa Pek’s Rottweiler

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