I’d put off writing this post on that day itself because I know I’d get super emotional but now it’s just overdue due to heavy procrastination on role-playing and Youtube. This is the part where all of you go, “I’m not surprised!”

Anyway, yes, it was my last day at Sa Pek and Aunty Sue’s house and you know what they say, when you feel the actual looming of something ending, you start to get goggles, and that was precisely what happened. It’s pretty confusing since I was reluctant to leave and also eager to go back home at the same time. FEELINGS. SORT YOURSELF OUT.

I spent the day packing (my luggage is currently 25kg CRISIS AVERTED but it also means two hand luggage, one which is filled with books omg) and in the evening, I went over to Jess and Tara’s house which was just next door. In one of my previous posts I mentioned that I chatted with two neighbours of Sa Pek’s who had came over, and since it was my last day in Wiltshire, they decided to invite me over for a movie and supper (English supper is the meal before dinner and not after dinner, just to clarify because at first I was like, what) and I agreed.

It was just a five minute walk to their house and there I met Jess and Tara’s parents, Gemma and John, and also their little sister Tabby. They also had a brother who was in France for a student exchange programme. We watched St Trinians and then had Mexican fajitas (so GOOD omg) and then we walked down to the mill where an old couple were rearing some horses. I had such a great time there and Jess and Tara were so lovely it made me even more reluctant to leave. But I promised I’d see them again in the near future and I wanted to keep that promise.

photo 3
Jess, yours truly and Tara
Jess and Tara's Jack Russell called Mouse (how cute is that?!)
Jess and Tara’s Jack Russell called Mouse (how cute is that?!)
The Collings rear chickens

photo 5

Aunty Sue, yours truly and Sa Pek (and Winston in the far left)
Aunty Sue, yours truly and Sa Pek (and Winston in the far left)
Richard and yours truly
Richard and yours truly

I’d like to take this moment to once again, thank Sa Pek, Aunty Sue, Richard and Sapphire and Grandma and everyone else for allowing me to stay at their place for a whole three weeks and putting up with my terrible habits. Sorry and thank you for everything!

In case you’re wondering if you’re gonna get a Harry Potter post, the answer is YES. VERY SOON.

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