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One of my coursemates told me today that he had stumbled upon my blog before. And then he said I seemed like an eccentric person on my blog but in real life, I was rather quiet. I didn’t really know how to react to that. How does one react to a statement like that? I guess it is true after all, that I put on a better image of myself online than in real life. I might have done it subconsciously. After all, I am a mistress of deception. Sorry for the disappointment, folks. Anyway, to whom it may concern, if you happen to be reading this, sorry to disappoint you, man. I do try to be interesting in real life, it just takes some time and effort.

In other news, I am not blogging from the school library for the first time! I’m in my room! Which is pretty anti-social, I admit, but I’ll leave right after I finish this. I finally managed to work out the Yes broadband but I don’t know how long this Internet access will last because apparently I only have RM7.77 in my account balance? So much for 1GB for bursary students. Wifi is the most important element in a student’s life that I didn’t even doubt its provision before I came here. Oh, well. Like I said before, the college life chose me, and I retaliated.

My productivity level has hit the ceiling these past few days, whenever I stay back after classes for ALSTAR meetings and other talks and briefings. Today, for example. My classes ended earlier than usual at 1PM but right after that, I had to meet up with my ALSTAR group and run errands until 4PM, and then I spent an hour in the International Office with Zi Tian listening to the counselling session given by a rep from University of Adelaiade concerning university placement. By the time I came home, it was already 6PM. But the thing was, despite all these long hours and various activities, it didn’t feel as burdening as high school. Everything was intense in high school, not so much here, and that’s great. Perhaps I had a lot of pressure during high schooling years while here, everyone treats you pretty much equally and you don’t really have a reputation to uphold. Yet.

I’ve also been rediscovering old bands lately and it’s actually a bigger deal than I make it seem because I don’t know about you, but certain music/bands remind me of a specific period or memory in my life and holds much more weight than it should, to be honest.

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