Life In Technicolour

I tried combining “technicolour” and “Instagram” to sound witty but it just sounds terrible.

One. My expression does not do my excitement for the release of the One Direction movie justice but please do understand that there were a lot of people around and I don’t think Malaysians in particular fathom the needs of a rabid fangirl very well. Anyway, we went to watch City of Bones and it was fantastic and did the book justice, despite the many negative reviews I’ve heard. 10/10 would recommend.

Two. The next day, a Saturday, Yi Jing, Rumin, Pei Ying and I joined the Teach For Malaysia Summit 2013 at Sunway International School as a Sunway volunteer and even though it was more tedious than I’d expected, it was still pretty cool and fun and it was an experience like no other, particularly since I was joining a teachers’ conference for teachers from a student’s perspective, and everyone was basically discussing about students aka me.

Three. Ken Fui suggested a clothing theme for our class on Monday, which is Emo Day (the theme I mean, not the day) and basically it was just getting everyone to wear black except for Janesh who was to wear white because he is the President of ALSCO. (Speaking of ALSCO, I didn’t get in.) It was mighty fun and I even got Zi Tian to draw a fake sailor tattoo for me so I could be Harry Styles for the day, complete with the Ramones shirt and all.

Four. This badge is one of the many goodies I got from the first day of Recruitment Drive which is today. Nothing much to say about the badge, but I’m using it as a photo to talk about A Levels in general and I have three upcoming tests continuously this week and oh myyyy goddddddd

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