10471793954_ae1a6a9461_zThe past week of college has been (besides the compulsory seven hours of classes we had to endure everyday) encompassed by photoshoots with Bellyn at random places in college for my lookbook account (I keep spamming this at y’all I’m sorry for my narcissism but I’m kind of proud of these shots and especially Bellyn [and also myself ok allow myself this moment of self-appreciation]), which earned me a lot of weird stares from the population of Sunway College but it was all worth it. Besides enjoying dressing up to college everyday, I also got to discover secret hideouts in the college that I never knew existed before. It was probably the only good thing that came out of this rough week.

Last night, Hoon Jie Jie took me around KL city to explore the hidden depths of the clockworks that make this city tick. Okay, maybe not so hidden since the first place we went to was KLCC but I enjoyed it quite a lot because I actually discovered so many places in KL that I didn’t know existed (patriotism, I might only have about 6% of it). It felt very touristy, but I’ve learned to not care. It’s easier to not care about what people you don’t know think of you, but quite the opposite for those you know and have come to like. It’s alright though, I’m still learning, just like everyone else.

Yesterday, Taliza said, “You’re one of the few people who actually feel comfortable in their own skin” and that kind of struck me. I’ve done this before. Maybe I could sharpen that blade that I’ve always wielded (but failed to put out at the current moment). Someone once told me that in order to be happy with other people, you’ve first got to be happy with yourself. Maybe I’ve got to take that first step first.

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Michelle Teoh

26-year-old cynical Asian, book enthusiast and purveyor of fine sarcasm.

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