Three Days of Awesome with Ann-Marie

Continuation of the previous post!

After picking Ann-Marie up from Bukit Mertajam, we made our way back to the lovely sparse lands of Alor Setar where she will be staying us for three days.

That night, we watched the 1D movie (looooooooooool) before going to bed.

I promised to take Ann around Alor Setar the next day so that’s what I did, after dropping by at Mi Xia’s place (and subsequently pick her up) since Ann also knows her, through BRATs. And then where else was there to go in Alor Setar, really? We went to Menara Alor Setar (only to discover it was closed), Habit Art Cafe, Pacific for dessert and then home, and it was a relief of sorts because the air-con in my car broke down halfway through the “tour” and it was like a furnace in the vehicle the entire time.

Ann made this collage on her Instagram yooooo

At night we invited Khey Ken to come over for teppanyaki dinner.

Again, stolen from Ann’s instagram (Look at my distressed face at the petrol station I HATE PUMPING PETROL)

The next two days, we were Hatyai-bound.

20122013Hatyai 010 20122013Hatyai 025 20122013Hatyai 030 20122013Hatyai 039 20122013Hatyai 040 20122013Hatyai 043 20122013Hatyai 046 20122013Hatyai 047 20122013Hatyai 054 20122013Hatyai 090 20122013Hatyai 093 20122013Hatyai 096 20122013Hatyai 111 20122013Hatyai 115Overall, it was a good three days spent with Ann complete with plenty of catching up and good company, 10/10 would do it again.

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